20 February 2003




Damien Davis, THE BOOK, no: 1

All the God haters out there who say they turn their back on him, like a guy in a book to be published now, someone called Reilly, who blames God for all the natural disasters that have ever happened, and mostly the human disasters like, Hitler, Stalin, Hussein and lately Bin Laden.

He asks, where was God during all these times? Iíll tell you, will I? He was up there in the heavens looking down on gluttonous mankind eating it self up all because they had traded love in for base instincts, because they refused, all of them to come together in giving just two coinís each day, each person world wide to relieve world poverty, and world hunger. These people have the cheek to blame the creator for all the man made catastrophes, like people walking on to planes and then flying them into two towers to destroy them. This person spits and curses God and looks to blame God for world hunger, something that could easily be fixed by the rest of humanity, if they were not so hordish and greedy. Itís your fault Mr. Reilly and your like for turning the blame on God when the blame layís squarely on the human race for not seeing the solutionís right there in front of their face. All the leaders who have led us all into war did not do it on any order from God, he gave no such orders to any man on the earth to go in and kill four million Jews, it was mankind that he gave the orders with the like of the Catholics in Germany. The shame is on you Mr. Reilly, oh little, little man who gave in under test, you have failed to stand by God in favour of blaming him for every thing that mankind has ever carried out. You have the complete gall to look at all the negative things that have ever taken place in history, world history and instead of placing the blame were it belongs, with the religions and not the creator, it belongs with Catholicism for sending to their premature deaths in world warís. They gave their blessings and not Gods, for donít you remember what was said by the fictional character as you call him, Jesus, when he said, love your neighbour as your self. You ask God why he created idiotís like Hitler and Bin Laden, but what are you Mr. Reilly if not thick your self, if not with out reason, for all these people had to do was to read, and they knew this rule because it is universal, love your fellow man, to know that what they were doing was not of God. To know that what they were doing was condemned, by the so-called fictional character, Jesus. But these lunatics did not listen, just like you donít, remember that itís mankind who hungers and thirsts for great knowledge, it is humankind who longs to know what an atom bomb will do to a million people, he, man wants to know how much flesh will be left upon the bones of a person. Itís humankind who desires to know how much damage their toy guns and machines will cause, and itís mankind who wanted to see what human skin would look like as lamp shades, how dare you, little, little man a mere ant on the planet, how dare you insult my God, the God of Israel, and you know thatís who you insult, for when you say you are embarrassed by his son and that you are embarrassed that you ever believed in him, when you say this you offend the father of truth and you are a mere liar on the face of the earth. Remember too, oh little man that it was mankind who wiped the atmosphere clean of its protective lair, in order to see what a flash of light from a nuclear blast would do. M.R. Reilly, just because you could not take the test of loyalty to God, don ít go suddenly and blame him for all of your pains and misery. You and mankind were the oneís who wanted to be left in peace for thousands of years away from Gods interference to prove that you didnít need him and then suddenly when you can not handle, you look for him and say, ďwere are you? ďWere have you gone? And ďwhy did you leave us. Donít you recall? You asked him too leave, just like you do now, and many like you, ďleave us to rule the earth. Well, do you really believe that you have the right to come crying to him now and say, ďWhy have you allowed so much torment of the people? Why have you allowed disaster to fall upon mankind?                                                                                                                                                                             

No, Mr. Reilly, why donít you rescue mankind, and why donít you feed mankind? Instead of blaming God, why do you put these leaders in power to rule and destroy? The God that you blame does not condone any of their sick games of war. No, itís mankind who is to blame for his own plight; he is to blame for allowing his brothers in far away places to die the painful death of starvation. The Ethiopians are on American steps, many times have they been there, begging fro food, not only from a country that resembles Egypt of old, but from the rest of humankind too. But what have you done Mr. Reilly? Only spit on God, the God of Israel, because he did not see things your way. Well, you go on then and spit your curses as you like, publicly, but the plan will go ahead, the Kingdom will come, while you are wondering why God has allowed such torment, Ah, and you too will wonder as you too stood by with the rest of humankind and blamed God for world hunger as you did nothing to feed your brother, and you said nothing about the solutions that would save these thousands who die every day. In your book you could have shouted about the fact that itís man who hordes food and keeps it away from the mouths of babes and adults. Shame on you Mr. Reilly, go ahead and en joy the profitís from the sale of your, ďhate God book. And also remember that it is you who are to blame, you and the rest of humankind for letting millions starve, while there was an overflow of food surplus upon this great planet. It is all there. And these smiling children, that you mention in your book, and the ageing mother and her beauty, you did not give them their beauty, as you give glory to no one, as if we are going to love you just for the fact that you were good enough to have observed and mentioned it. Like it is a sudden revelation, they have been smiling for a thousand years and more, long before you got here. You have your own personal reasons for turning your back on the creator, for which you are probably ashamed and feeling guilty for, because you did believe in him, and it all, you just donít stop. So, why donít you keep you guilt and your blame to your self? By the way, it is hard to believe that something supposedly fictional can make people actually spit and curse at this fictional character, Iíve never seen people spit and curse at Santa clause before and thatís because with this God thing, it feelís more real, It feels like your dealing with something more tangible, does it not, Mr. Reilly? I mean why else would a person go and spit and curse and write a book trying to make people believe that he is just a fictional character. You have a hard task ahead of you, Mr. Reilly, for disproving God at this late date is like trying to prove him, itís impossible, and itís fifty, fifty either way.

I hate money with a vengeance, itís so elusive, itís like sand flowing through one of those hourglasses, it donít ever stop flowing. You need piles of it and when thatís gone, you need more, for those bills and that house, for that car, for that insurance policy, taxes on and on. Greed is what has humanity sick, the millionaires and billionaires, they never get to spend it all and only leave it behind to just one or two, oh what it could do. As the rich, they pander to a graceful image with no other word for it except, childish, dressing up, but oh how expensive those clothes. Oh what it could do, will you continue to read, oh but the mouths it could feed.

Money, money, money. Itís ever flowing and always bloody runny. Donít you be depending on money, you cant trust it for a second, many have been left bereft of itís wonders, when it is suddenly gone to waste, the banks foreclosure leaves such an awful taste. All you need is a little for the necessities in life, to put some by for the proverbial day, and to keep it at a level take away the strife.



When are we going to realise that itís all just an illusion, it might just be a con, it could be essential but never that important. If you were to put it on a scale, its importance would be one, but no, I hear you scream, because you love itís shine, nothingís more important, a statement so sublime. Iíll tell you that itís love, it has more substance than money, money is just a tool, at least it should be, or else itís a deep, deep sickness that never ever gives. But there is life in love that lives, and love in the life that gives, believe me it is true, for I have put it too the test and felt itís healing power and it makes me want to give again and again. If a man has a million then he wants ten, and heíll do it all over again, heís never truly happy, never at peace, best to leave it there and give consistently. The world can not sustain another billionaire, if we donít pull back now then nothing will be fare, all will be lost, doomed and destroyed, and you know how that getís you all annoyed. To be a millionaire it takes stress to get up there, now tell me whatís that worth? A heart attack, a sudden stop and any way itís gone. Thatís not for me and it shouldnít be for you, cause the earth will not sustain, for the rape and robbery of itís resources is tantamount to suicide, take it easy take it slow and know what you know

Left for dead on top of a hill, a great and mighty mountain the kings and generals will be still. Itís true those kings were out to kill and kill left for dead without burial or glory, no warning did they take heed. Demons whisper to each ones ear, ďto the battle ground go and donít you fear, for your father is standing near, but he is a liar and his destination is the fire. All the nations have gathered one and all; they have prepared them selves well, but for a mighty fall. Against the lord of creation the battle cry is heard, and a whisper from the demons, raise one and all, your fathers brought you here, but heís a liar and his destination, the fire. Like pharaoh of old the nations go in actually led by a pharaoh so new, America leads, itís famous for Memphis, itís famous for Sin, itís famous for No. The prophet sits and wonders, but how can they go? So great a crowed, so many in number, the nations army in colourful array, some will live to wish they did not stay.

And now it is time to take the proverbial plank from my own eye. To put into practice what I believe, because words are just words in the end and mean absolutely nothing without action and for me, I want to get to the bottom of what this religion is about.


 [One last shattering blow to religion.]                            

I think we need one last shattering blow to religion, the last straw to break itís back after all it has broken our back, and Iím reminded of a certain quote, ďpay her back double what she has given.°Ī

They lie to us constantly, telling us to just believe, and then they hand us a million books to wreck our heads, but mainly our hearts, books that are filled with intellectual argument just for the mere sake of it. They leave people who genuinely seek the truth, burnt out wrecks. It is not about words or books or even temples, itís definitely not about churches, when people say they have turned against the church, well I donít really care, but I do care if they turn their backs on the creator. People have become unsettled in their minds and have come to a point were they are about to turn their backís completely, all because of the ďChurch and itís sister religions and their down right confusion. Itís not going to affect the God of truth, but maybe mankind need one last warning. Iím not here to give intellectual argument, but just to point out simple facts. You have on the one hand. Jehovahís witnesses, who are Israel, by their own admittance with their idolatry of the books they write and the words they continuously repeat. Then you have the Catholics, need I say more, but I will and then you have the Christians all reading from their own ideas that they have contrived from over the years, so, right there in that little lot, you have division and disagreement about everything, each ones doctrines, they contradict each other until you want to get each one of there books and fling them away in the fire. Just to be rid of the confusion. You are left answering up on questions that have nothing to do with any thing. Students, an apt word to describe it, because it is more like an education, there is only just so much that you can say about the kingdom of God, then you end up repeating your self. A Christian that was homeless, goes into one of these smaller churches, he is no longer homeless, so, he is coming from his own home now, he goes in to give praises to his God. At the end of the meeting, he sayís to the teacher, or minister, ďI hope you donít mind me coming into the church. ďNo, no says the elder. ďThatís all in the past and Iím willing to forget it if you are. They were talking about four years before were the man had a minor disagreement with the church. So that was all right, the man left happy enough in the knowledge that he was forgiven and he could return to one of his favourite places in which to give his praise. So the next week he returns to the same church, he sits down, gives praises and everything is all right until he is about to leave the place. The elder comes over to him and tells him, ďSorry, I am afraid we cant have you back here any more, so you will have to leave. Without another word the man gets up from his seat and walks out the door in a dignified manner. The elder was wrong, so wrong, after saying that it was all behind him completely the week before, he said that he had forgiven the man, but this week he had a change of heart. It must have been humiliating for the guy. This is the sort of thing that is happening all the time in these kind of places, confusion and unchristian acts abound.

                                      A case against the Jehovahís witnesses, made.           

I have made my case against the Jehovahís witnesses, the house of Israel, they have proved them selves liars and proved the divine God of truth is just that, the God of truth. The God who cannot lie, one of truth, they can never be connected to him. Not at this time, not until they are upon the soil of Israel, which is the Kingdom. Right now, they are with out a king. They have been rebuked for lying and turning Gods name into a profanity among the nations. The elders from this time on will be called exiles, until the end. Stop inquiring of the Israelites you people, for the inquirers guilt is just the same as that of the Jehovahís witnesses. The elders of Israel have lied in Gods name, something you can not do and not expect to be punished, so now they will be stripped of all their book making factories their temples [kingdom halls] all because of the fact that they lied.


As scripture has said, they are only a white washed wall, with 10,000 paedophiles on board, can they be truly sure that they have repented because when you consider it Jehovahís witnesses are a perfect place to hide. And when you consider that a friend of mine is dead all because one of these white washed people came into his and his womanís life, they were married. This witness came into their lives; supposedly to give witness, only to get his wife pregnant, break the couple up. They had both been together since child hood, I remember them being together. No one can tell me that this couple were having trouble any way, because they were married before God and this white washed organisation with this young tyke should have minded his own business and stayed away, but he couldnít do this could he? So this young guy gets the guys wife pregnant, gets him self-disfellowshipped, only to be taken back when the husband was dead, or maybe a little time before it. The man killed him self, it could never be proved that it was as a direct result or the cause of his death, because there were other things going on in his life, bad things, since he had split up with his wife. He had gotten him self into some kind of trouble, so it looked like it was because of this that he committed suicide. It all started when this snot nosed little kid came into their lives, supposedly to give them a witness to the truth, but instead he had other plans, to come in to this house hold and to break up what the divine God of truth had put together. I have seen this guy since all of this and he has never shown any kind sign of being affected by the whole thing, he is running his own little music thing now and doing very well. I believe his repentance was phoney, for he was told at the beginning to stay away, but he just kept coming along to upset a husband and wife, I donít care what problems they were having, they were joined in the eyes of God, and you know the rest of that saying. There have been quite a few cases like this one, and they donít even make a big deal out of it. People! It would seem the marriage vow is just not sacred to these people, itís more important that they sustain the numbers in their organisation and build up temples and print up millions of bookís. The law that is clearly written down in Ezekiel, the book that nails the organisation to the wall, it says, donít have sexual relations with a married woman.  Is this not clear enough for you people? Or do you believe, as it seems so obvious that you can repent as often as you want, just like the Catholics do, go out and steal what ever you just happen to fancy, get her pregnant, get kicked out, take a nice holiday, come back repent and carry on with a smile on your faces as if you have done nothing wrong, all the while the husband leads a slow living death until finally one day he ends it all, I believe the witnesses of Israel are to walk as exiles until, the end of time, they have no king.


                                                  A building lying at a 45-degree angle

 I once had a dream were I saw my self going in and out of this building, it lay at a 45 degree angle, it rested on only two weak beams or pins, the building was about to fall and all who lived there would be taken down with it. I kept going into this place and shouting at the people,  are you mad, get out of this place now cant you see that itís dangerous? The sides as I walked in, I could see they were all cracked, inside the building looked very warped, because the building angled as it lay at itís 45 degree resting place, so there I was walking in and out, screaming at the people to leave, get out, cant you read the condemned sign out side your door? The building still rests there today, and I will still make my plan to give my warning. In the dream they continue to ignore me because they think that because the building has been there for so long that it will remain like that forever, that it will never fall, even though it is so damaged. But the thing is I know it will fall, that itís a certainty, at a particular time, the soil will go a certain way and the foundation will give and itís entire structure will collapse. It is the destiny, divine destiny that the building should fall, even though the people cannot see.

This is an analogy to do with the certain fall of Catholicism and its total destruction with out fail will come, it will be the first to go, then the rest of religion. But now I see two buildings the other is in the very same condition, but it has a different name, upon this one; the house of Israel [Jehovahís witnesses]. These two structures are bound to fall because of their foundation, you see they were both built upon lies, so that they cannot remain, they must fall. If the people donít listen then they will be caught in side. Thatís all that I have to say about these two structures, they will fall, and are all ready falling, just read the warnings in the newspapers. Catholic priests this and thatÖthey will not remain, they cant. The Jehovahís witnesses the house of Israel are caught in a harness, this is a description in the prophet Ezekiel that perfectly describes the way in which the witnesses of Jehovah cant go around from door to door in freedom like they once could, they cant go around with out having their two lies thrown in to their faces they are their two lies, 1925 and 1975. These are the two lies that the nations have had them in a harness for. Israelís two princes, elders truly got it wrong. The nations are severely on the attack against the religion of Catholicism, the proverbial hole by which the nationís people can look to see all of her past deeds that are being brought up against her on a daily basis. Those great walls of Catholicism have huge big holes so the people can see through. And what do they see is enough to destroy. They see that it is full of paedophile priests and they will see a lot more besides. All of her deeds from the past, her entire history brought up against her. Her involvement in all the wars that were ever fought, and are still fought.  Her thing with the condom factories, her total contradictions with regard this. She is finished, she has been judged, she has come to her end, and the people are remembering all that she has done with regards to their ancestors and more recently the scandal that will finish her off. It is her own fault; she should not have come against my God, for he has judged her most definitely. She, religion, catholic, Babylon the great, she has fallen. While adding to her own law, she escaped the real law, until Gods law caught up with her through mans law, it is his will that she fall. Books, books, books and more between Catholic and Jehovahís witnesses, so much to say and yet nothing at all. I would walk into one of their Kingdom halls, and there would be this guy there, and I swear he was dying of sadness, or a lack of something, too much reading, and too many books. I donít believe attention should be given to every little minute detail there is. It is all a pride in knowledge, trying to prove to the intellectuals that God really does exist and trying to proof that they are so well read up on the scriptures. . It makes me crazy, day after day they rant and rave about the doctrines, trying to disproof any one they happen to come across and then force feeding the flock with there own doctrines.



                                               [Protesters, angry people, justly so.]

Protesters, angry people, yes, well we all know how angry you all are at 19,000 children dieing every day but tell me, will violence help? Who ever it happens to be that is to blame, will we ever know? And have the children been fed? No not one extra grain of rice, itís just a boomerang effects and they should be eating three hot meals a day, the world can afford it. Since all these protest we have seen no difference in world poverty, so tell me, how does it help? There is more time lost in court cases because the aftermath of these protests and the children needlessly continue to die; they donít care about your protests, only their needs. If I thought the protests were of any real value in regard to this issue then believe me I would be the first on the line. The public tend to see the kids who look like they are rehearsing to be politicians, and we all know how we feel about those. Look the people who are dying donít need this, they donít have time, the endless time that you kids have, if you get tired of the whole thing you can leave it too the next generation of students but thousands more will have died in the mean time and now you have the kings who wont drop these countries debts and I donít think that should even be waited for, because too many people have died, those who do not have the luxury of time. There is only one way, and thatís for the entire working population of the earth to give a designate amount at the same time. Like two euros per day into a world poverty pot, to be given always and to be policed be deadly honest people, Iím sure there are still some left. Arenít there

                            [Homes for fallen priests, hidden by the Roman Catholic Church.]

Homes for fallen priests, were the justice in this world? When you have a priest, one father Payne being released back into the public, only to be protected by those who overlooked his crimes, the catholic religion; what it is saying is, donít worry, itís okay, we donít think what you did was wrong, we support you. Iíve never seen someone looking as healthy as this guy, and I have met homeless people on the street who have to battle a constant war with the elements, sleeping in doorways, and condemned buildings, most definitely rat infested, getting sicker and sicker because they are having to wage a daily battle with these elements and the bastard system that keeps them down, these are the ones who have been damaged by the likes of Mr. Payne, [were did he get that name?] it describes him too a tee. I am left with a feeling of wanting to help these people on the streets, actually feeling guilty because I have a home that is only one step above what they have, 90 euro per week for a room the size of a toilet, with rats behind the wall. Until I realise, what can I do? When I am close to being homeless my self, relying on busking for my living, because the system no longer sees any need to give me help. Now I know were the blame lays, now I know, it lays with the monsters who created one, Mr. Payne; their giving him a home, are you people for real? What of the homeless who have suffered for the last 30 to 40 years, yes the winos who were molested by the monsters of Catholicism, wondering why they walk around living the life that they so despise and you donít have to look far to see the ones that suffered at the hands of these bastard priests, while these priests have been living the life of comfort they have been walking around scarred by these issues that they were too ashamed to speak about. These are the people who must be compensated by religion and if the money runs out in paying them all back through the writs that are coming against them, then I say, open up all the property they have and give it too the people they have damaged so badly, for if this property is used for anything else other than paying them back then this will truly be a crime against humanity, and genocide, but most of all against my God. If businessmen come within yards of buying these properties for their sordid greed, believe me they will have no luck, none, because this money from all this property belongs too the casualties of religion, Catholicism and her sister religions. Stay away from Great Babylon you businessmen of the Earth. . Businessmen of the Earth, listen to the children of the Earth and listen too the demands of the people. Listen too the demands of the people you ignore, the demand for you too quit your exploitation on the children in far off places who cannot be heard. You businessmen are the abusers of human rightís. In far of places you have children working for a menial wage that is more like slavery. Give the children and the people the wage they deserve, an honest days work deserves an honest days pay. It is people who make this planet and give it vibrancy and life not you. What are you trying to do to the human family? Are you trying to bring it too extinction all for the sake of gold? Donít they mean anything too you businessmen of the Earth? Or are they just simply profit and loss? The Earth is screaming at us to turn back, to do whatís right for the sakes of people and the entire thing, Even without God asking us to turn back and repent, we have the Earth screaming at us all to stop doing what we are doing, with the animals, the plant life, the insects the micro biotic life, itís telling us, look, you either start looking after it all or else die.  The people, the adults, the children, the animals, the soil, the trees, the plants the atmosphere, the smallest of all, the micro organisms the Earth is warning every one of us to turn back. If you want to stay on this spaceship Earth then change individually. It is truly like the Earth is with God, for it is obeying his rules, it is responding to his words, it seams to be spitting us off and this is what was said in Deuteronomy. Break the commands that I give you here today and the earth that I give too you will surly spit you off, just as sure as a bird flyís up there in mid heaven, it all looks to be happening just like it said. So you could actually say that the Earth is telling the people to turn back and repent, although I know it too be the creator of the planet, this once beautiful planet, itís the only one that we have, the earth is speaking the very words that the creator wants it too speak. After all it is and was and always will be his. Atheists not included in this believe. For if a carpenter makes a chair and then he gives it too a, can this friend who is now the owner of the chair ever say that he made the chair? Even if he adds to it with ornamentation so that it looks like his chair but the truth will always be, the carpenter made it his specifications and no one elseís, except maybe his son who may have helped him build it. I some timeís think, how come people cant see these solutions to the problems, then I think, they donít care. They donít give a dam. They only care about the now and not the future for the children of the earth. If they cared then 42,000 children and adults would not be dieing the way they are. They are being left too starve, with no one stopping it. Itís up too the people on the earth to at least try and stop it. Itís now or never, the sitting and not responding has got too stop. For the sakes of these children who are crying out with hunger that we in the west could never imagine. We could never imagine because we in the west have never suffered it, and it was really only our ancestors who suffered at the hands of, say, the English, way back during the potato famine and we know how we feel about those nations who came into our land and let our people starve to death. We are, in this very day, 2002 responsible for the very same kind of genocide. By ignoring all those small countryís who are calling out to be fed on a day to day basis, believe it or not, it is to our own detriment, of our health, because guilt is not much good. And most importantly to the determent of those peopleís lives who are dying both night and day with out receiving the proper help from the west, consistency is the Key. Except for the few meagre scraps that donít help, other wise we would not see the children at the side of the road bending down to pick up grains of rice. We have got too do something with regards this overwhelming, never ending problem to the glory of the son of God, to his glory do I write these words. Charity organisations, while they may be of some value to some people, they really donít work for the greater proportion of humanity, they are virtually ignored, while charitable institutes receive great pats on the back for doing so much good. Unfortunately a lot of them take too much money as profit, when, with the likes of these, not one of them should be making a profit. How are the people who are dying every single day supposed to be helped, when most of the money comes back into the pockets of the ones that organise these things? Any charity for world hunger and homelessness, should be kept sacred and the money that is put in, only be given too them. There is a solution, it just takes a collective effort of the people at the same time, consistently, week by week, year by year, itís for world hunger and homelessness and it really has too be done. 7, to 10 euros per week, from every man, and women. Every one, just think how much this would be bound to achieve to problem hit areas. We canít keep allowing obstacles to get in the way of feeding the hungry earth wide. If we can get the technology that we have into space, then surly there should not be a problem in feeding the hungry of the world. For me, it is to the glory of the Son of God. And to the father, I take no credit for the ideas in these writings as they are all based on the commands that Jesus, the son of man, set down for humankind. They are inspired writings, they are not my ideaís, for me it is to the glory of Jesus Christ, and to the father, Jehovah. May their Kingdom come. Every now and then I will give glorification to the one I believe in, I want no credit for the ideas in this book regarding what is obviously based on Gods word, I believe, had people lived by his commands, to give to your fellowman, then the Kingdom would already be here. . To the glory of the father and the son, so is it. What I am trying to achieve is this, that by each human being living by command, to give to their fellowman, their brothers Earth wide, to do this proves the decree is righteous. There is no way that I can prove God exists and there is no way that any man can do this, you simply cannot do it. The Jehovahís witnesses, to there own detriment has tried to prove God exists and by doing so they have become idolatrous, with there believe in temples and books, and mainly their lies from which they cannot escape. By these two lies they will loose all that they treasure, that they should not treasure and these are there idols that they love so much. When it sayís in scripture, do not worship the idols of the Israelites, it means do not go out after these peopleís idols, which are most definitely there books and there temples. We cant keep letting things get in the way of feeding the worlds hungry and the housing of the homeless, we cannot keep raising things above humanity, like satellites, rockets, going into space, like, money to minister to the God of fortress, the God of war. We must put human needs first and foremost, prioritise human suffering and put it in first position, above everything, except one at least for the believer; the Son of man. Why? Because he is first, Iím not going to apologise for trying to give a little bit of glory to the one that I believe in. To put things before human beings, puts there importance below the things that are made by the human hand, and that is idolatry, this is giving glory to the things made by hand, when we should be giving glory to God by worshipping in spirit and truth, by loving our fellow man. We are actually putting machinery, weapons of destruction, idols like cars, they all become idols instead of being placed were they should, objects made by human hands as tools for the human race, we are not supposed to be pandering to machines, we own them and not they, us. Itís crazy. People should be put first, after the Son of God. The military love their idols, but believe me, the God who hates idolatry; [people who put things made by human hands and placed before the welfare of people,] will destroy them. We cannot keep raising things above humanity, like all the things I have mentioned, as I have said, the military worship the God of fortress, and they are a classic example of putting things, objects, before human needs, this is very wrong. If you were to make a list it would look something like this; 1,oil.2, petrol, 3.cars.4, the self, 5orginised religion, 6,war, and war machinery and they all involve pleasure. The idea that we come before the starving child on the pavement, picking up grains of rice, believe me, we are not above these people. Even the president of the United States is only on the same level of importance as this one. That child or any is as valuable, but in this world of idolatry it is not looked upon that way. He is wrongly looked upon as dirt; even the average Joe on the street thinks this way when he puts his self-pleasures and treasures before this child and his needs. When he says, I want to be happy, I demand to be happy, I deserve to be happy, is the out cry of every one in the west. Well so does he, that child on hunkers with swollen belly from the lack of protein, he too deserves some happiness. But how can he ever achieve it, when he has nothing, all because his brothers in the west will not see his needs. They are too concerned with their own happiness and pleasure to do anything with regards to his. Their idolatry must come first. Idolatry has very little to do with statues although it does play a part, wither it be bowing before an idol of the mother of God, which is funny when it is a fact that God is first and last, he never has a mother. And as regards worshipping the queen of the heavens, well this is total blasphemy, but go ahead, you Catholics. I am concerned with people that put idols such as cars, houses, recording studios, anything that you can think off, and anything that come before the welfare of the human race, thereís more that just you on this planet, you know? And the people who are starving in the eastern parts are starving because of your love for the finer things in life. Anything that is put before the welfare of the children of this world, is putting things before the spirit of God, and if you donít care, just because I happen to mention the spirit of God, then he does and if you wont feed the children of the earth, then he will eventually take it from you and he will give what you have not. It is up to the kings of the earth to feed the children of this earth, it is there responsibility, but it is also the reasonability of the average person in this world to give for the benefit and the welfare of these starving children. You would not let your own starve and yet you are letting your own starve, because these people are your brothers on this earth, I think we have all come to the realisation now that we are all just living on this sphere of an earth, and that we all share a common bond among us, that we are all human. We are all just people, neither one deserving more that the next, just because of were we happen to have been born. Any object that is put before the child is to blame for him going barefoot and naked and without food, and the Son of God will judge for this alone. The father and the Son are not concerned if you go into a temple or not, he is concerned about whether you have fed the hungry child or not, they are no were near any temple now, do you really believe you people that he would be any were near the Catholic Church? Ha, never. The child, did you feed the child, did you sacrifice even one of your pleasures for that child? The child who is going barefoot and naked and hungry, emotionally drained, crying for his mammy, because she is dead, from hunger, he wants his mammy, he cryís for his mammy, but she is dead, she cannot hear, if she could, she would respond in a minute, but she cant, and neither will his brothers on the other side of the world, in the western parts, no, the music is too loud, the parties much too numerous for his brothers in the west too hear his cries. And his cries are loud, believe me, they are loud, even though I can not touch that child or see him in reality I know his pain, because I have experienced it. He is convulsed, he rocks two and fro from his state, he sobs without control. But with this child, it will not last long, for when weakness grabs hold, but right now his cries are loud. And his brothers refuse to put down there idols and come to his rescue, why will they not respond? Why? Because they will not share, they will not give, they donít feel this boy deserves one penny of there hard earned cash, what they ask has he ever done? He has not and will not work the way that we have, we work hard for our money, why should we give him what we have worked so hard for, it is up to the governments of this earth, thereís not much that we can do, and any way we have our own familyís too think about, too feed and clothe and school, no, I can not afford what this Damien Davis fellow asks for, 7 to 10 euros per week. I have the car the mortgage I have this and that Come to think of it I have too much, Iíve got the television, Iíve got the CD player a midi disk player Iíve got a house with all these rooms, Iíve got a car, Iíve got two. Even three, Iíve got my health, Iíve got food, so much that I have too go on diets, and puck down the toilet and Iíve got my health, what more do I need? And the rich they continue to get even richer, there full ambition has yet too be realised, to have the most, too have it all, too be up there with the tallest of the tall, the unsatisfied, because there is no satisfaction for