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The Catholic Religion] Ezekiel with regard to Jerusalem spread throughout the entire Earth.


She is to blame for all of the deaths on Earth along with its entire sister religions, and all of the Wars fought throughout the history of mankind?


The Priests are just as lost as anyone of us, this is the time of Ezekiel, and I say so at the risk of been laughed at, its something that I think I have gotten used to now, considering I have had to out up with it all of my young life.


The Spirit of God revives the Prophet in Dirge, to place judgement upon the Kings of the Earth and the Priests and Bishops, Princes and Lords]

The Priests of Jerusalem and the greater part of Babylon, I dare anyone of you out there to wait outside of any church on any given Sunday, and report back to me what you see.

Think about what you see as you watch these people walk out and ask your self if they look healthy or not.



New York will be lost as a City, it's at the heart of America and is the engine of America, it could even be described as a Ship. It is a trading city that has been built up by people from the out side.

They came in and built her up and lived in her and rowed her.

She is comparable to an Ancient City, the City of Tyre that lived by the Coastlands and was also built up by outsiders who came in and lived in her and rowed her as if she were a great Ship at seas..

What Happened to this great City?

She was left a bare shining surface of a crag, and for her pride she was left in ruins, and not by Human hands, but by an outside source.

God who paid her back fully for all of her wrongs brought it about.

Is New York a similar City?

Yes very much so.

And belonging to a very arrogant Nation, America who came all the way up from the time of Pharaoh.

You could say that America is the last Pharaoh who will be judged as such, will be judged and brought to ruin by God Almighty, for it's arrogant ways.

AND NOW you can say that George Bush is that Pharaoh

From the Lord GOD Almighty
Therefore, you prostitute, hear the word of the Lord! 36 This is what the Lord God says: Because your lust was poured out and your nakedness exposed by your acts of prostitution with your lovers, and because of all your detestable idols and the blood of your children that you gave to them, 37 I am therefore going to gather all the lovers you pleased -all those you loved as well as all those you hated. I will gather them against you from all around and expose your nakedness to them so they see you completely naked. 38 I will judge you the way adulteresses and those who shed blood are judged. Then I will bring about your bloodshed in wrath and jealousy. 39 I will hand you over to them, and they will level your mounds and tear down your elevated places. They will strip off your clothes, take your beautiful jewelry, and leave you stark naked. 40 They will bring a mob against you to stone you and cut you to pieces with their swords. 41 Then they will burn down your houses and execute judgments against you in the sight of many women. I will stop you from being a prostitute, and you will never again pay fees for lovers. 42 So I will satisfy My wrath against you, and My jealousy will turn away from you. Then I will be silent and no longer angry. 43 Because you did not remember the days of your youth but enraged Me with all these things, I will also bring your actions down on your own head." [This is] the declaration of the Lord God. "Haven't you committed immoral acts in addition to all your abominations?


America at the Start of the War

Written at the time of the Start of the Iraqi war:  

The Battle of the last Great Egypt;

By Damien Davis                                    


Oh... I don’t know, I really don’t know, its four days old now, this war and its enough to make a man sick and it has only just begun.

Greece fell as a Wild Beast

Rome fell as a Wild Beast and now it's America's turn.


In the first two days the media made it look so good for the Americans, but suddenly the tables are beginning to turn, I knew in my heart that this would happen.

And I also know that the American are not able for it.

They are not strong enough for what they are about to meet.

They have been softened up over the years, weighed down with things of the world.


But most of all, their economy is not up for it.

Yesterday, in the newspapers I saw an Iraqi soldier dead in his trench with the top of his head blown clean off and a white surrender flag lying beside him.

He looked so vulnerable, wide open to attack, its as if they put the worst fighters to the front, to make the Americans look as if they where going to have a walk in the park.

It was like they put civilians in uniform and forced them out.


Then I Saw another picture of an Iraqi child, about the age of my own daughters, she was injured, her legs, her foot was mangled, you could see the bone of her leg peeping out of the mangled flesh.

Seeing these pictures, I Cursed the War and I cursed the Leaders of the planet, two leaders in particular, Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush, Two leaders of a modern day dual world power, for having the bottle to lie to the World by saying that this was a campaign to free Iraq.

If there was truth in this then maybe, just maybe there would be justice in what they where doing.

But these slanderers are wicked to the bone; one of them is so like Pharaoh, Stubborn To the bone, ready to test his firepower like Pharaoh sacrificing his men in the Red Sea.

He is pushing his men into a battle that is unjust and he knows it too, and his people also know this.

A poor guy, an American Soldier said these words after been captured by an Iraqi group "I'm sorry I don’t understand what you are saying"

Asked why he was fighting the Iraqi's, his reply was simply.

"I was told to come here, I was just under orders, I was told to shoot, only if I was shot at, I don’t want to kill anybody".

The likes of this just shows you the weakness and the vulnerability of people.

And the next thing he says is painful to hear, because you realise how frail people really are.

He says when asked why he was fighting the Iraqi's.

"They don’t bother me, I don’t bother them"

I felt like crying when I heard this and I felt the same when I seen the Iraqi Soldier helplessly trying to surrender, white flag beside him.


The Americans will loose this war regardless of technology, and already they are under pressure.

What are you wicked leaders doing?

But only looking after your own interests, but you will not admit this to the world, why, because you are untruthful.

The war is unjust from your side, you cannot win this war, despite comments like, "The enemy is in great danger" and "The Victory is certain ". And "there has not been a more powerful Military Force since the beginning of History"

Shear Arrogance from the final Pharaoh.

Can you not see that you are absolutely without reason, can you not see that what you say here is an absolute Boast in your own Sovereignty.

What you are saying here is that no one can take you down.

Not even the highest God.

You believe that there is no one who can bring your great Military might down.

These are utterances of complete Blasphemy MR.Bush.

For there is someone who can bring you down and it is the Most High, and as he has said he will take you down in the final.

He will take your mighty attack engines down with all of your great Pilots and your Ships, you come from the west, Oh you King of the South.

You are going up against the North.

The Most High will surly take you down just as he did with the First Pharaoh from long ago.


You are puffed up with pride fighting an unjust war, a war to seize upon the treasures of Egypt.

This War is spoken of in Scripture, Prophesied long ago, when the great GOD comes from his place in the North.

Look Pharaoh/ President of America/Egypt. Don’t you recall the Story of the old Pharaoh, from the land of Egypt, and how he was broken by the Creators power, for he has the power and the strength over the wind, rain, and the fire, any element you can think of he has the means to use it.


According to Scripture, he will allow this King from the North to overpower you, even though he does not have the defence System that you have. 

It is said that this King will be given the power to win over you.

How do you feel been told this?

How do you feel knowing that your Kingdom will be taken from you, and all of its power?

America will loose this war, According to Scripture and not my word, to his glory.

Gods Glory.

According to Scripture the only way that man can achieve the Peace they supposedly desire is through the laying down of all of its weapons, each one of the nations, all at once, or else it will be an act of war towards the heavens.


The only way is through following the commands of the Father and the Son.

Going in to rob another countries Resource will be the undoing of all Nations.

And what’s more, coming into the Holy land at this point in History, exactly two thousand years after the King of Israel was born is Blind stupidity.

But, what has got to be has got to be.

These people either read scripture and don’t understand or just don’t care or maybe they are even testing it out, in order to see if there is any truth in the matter of coming against the Son of Man and all of his forces.


It would seem to me that these people, these leaders are within a hairs breath of been apart of the worst scenario in History.

The People of the Nations have not got a clue that what the Nation of America is doing in this very time, by their surrounding the land of Egypt and Baghdad, and around the area of the Holy Land, is slipping right into the Scriptures.

They are repeating exactly what Pharaoh did in his time, he went up against the Father of Egypt and he too lost.


They are too sure of them selves; too sure they will win this War,

But the Scriptures Guarantees that they will loose it.

The Lord of Egypt assures them that they will loose it.

The Son of Man assures them that they will loose it.

The times are about right for all of this to happen.

This is why they are so interested in the Word of God; they do not want to be caught out.

But it don’t matter what they look at or what way they look at it they are coming up against something that is far to big for them.

It is comparable to The Human race going up against A Million Space ships that have been twenty five thousand years ahead.


The Damage will all be due to two Leaders of the So-called Free World.

Blair and Bush, Two mighty leaders of World Government.

The Mighty Beast of World Government, a two horned wild beast, and all of this is happening all because of their lust for wealth and their greed for more and more and more and more and more.

They simply never have enough.


Every tall tree has its day, America will no longer be a place of shade for the people of the nations, says the Lord Jehovah.

Because I will chop it down.

For I too have a plan, to set up My King, David, to rule a people indefinitely in an everlasting covenant with the nations, One that shall not be broken.

I will have my mountain in all its Glorious abundance, each and everyone of its people satisfied.

David will be King over these people, over the house of Israel.

He will set matters straight.

I, Jehovah Shall leave Egypt a burned out wreck of a mountain that will never be again.

You have said, Pharaoh, 

That you have this plan that will not be like any other plan.

But no plan can be concealed from the Lord Jehovah of Israel.

There is no plan that I cannot hinder.




It would appear as if War will go on forever, it seems as if it will go on forever and never stop.

There are no solutions among humanity, not you or I can find the solution.

The gross Pictures that the papers published today of the Iraqi Soldiers being tortured were enough to make any man sick.

Two American Soldiers standing over a clump of bodies in a cruel way, two American Soldiers, Mr and Mrs Soldier giving a thumbs up to the World as if to say "Well, we are giving it to them for the job they did on 9/11.

This is what the Pictures were saying to me, this was pay back for the messing with the nation of America.


This is what you get when you mess with Mr and Mrs America, its as if they where proud of the pain they where inflicting upon these men, it was tit for tat.


This was the Americans saying to the rest of the World, "You know this is our crueller side, the side that you never see, the side that we never ever show to the World.

This is the side that we hide, the side we hide from the Public of the greater part of the World.


We speak as a lamb, but if you mess with us we will be behave as if we are Satan him self, we will behave like the dragon, it is for our own protection, you know, you understand, don’t you?


And if you don’t then you can join the Iraqi's,

Because we must do what’s in the best intrest of the greater Public.


There are not rights in doing wrong, none you cannot behave like this and expect to get away with it, Justice is bound to come a knocking on your from door.

America is bound to loose something very near to its heart in the future, you simply cannot pay back nine eleven with another wrong, this is not Justice.

The right thing to do is to lock these prisoners in a cell in a right-minded way, and not an abusive way.

Treat these prisoners well not bully them, believing that you will stop terror on such a grand scale is impossible, you will just make things a lot worse that they already are.

Their tactics are put there to strike terror on the hearts into would be terrorists, but this will do anything of the kind.

The terrorists are mean but it would seem that the west could be even meaner.

When the first radio broadcasting of nine eleven came on the radio, all you could hear was the pure undiluted hatred coming across from the people who were ringing in to let their points of view be known.

Hurting Iraqi prisoners in the west the way we have been seeing over the past few months will cause even more trouble that there is.

And even more hatred of America's Policies.

There is nothing anyone can do to avert this war except pray that you escape.

These People have gone in for oil and their little minds are set on it.

In fact the war is even out of their hands, greed is the only tool that will bring them into the low plain of the decision. And they seem to have made the decision.

You can tell that they have been caught between a rock and a hard place; you can see that if they do not go in then they risk their future economy; they are scared that they will not survive in the future.


They have got to go in get the oil in order to try and protect their welfare, to strengthen their economy and they are afraid they will enter into the greatest lull in history.

They cannot afford to have this happen, so the thoughts of going in there having a war going in to the east, taking out the Iraqis Is enough of a motivating force.

They need the desirable things of the middle east America has been brought home again to the place were it all began, Egypt.

He is been brought back to his birthplace to fight against the east.

To the kings of the earth, just look at the damage they have caused to these lands, they have torn them asunder.

To know what they have gone through you only have to look at your own land and imagine your own land in the same predicament.

Imagine the republic of Eire being torn asunder by the American army; there would be a feeling of wanting to protect the land and its contents.  

This is what it is like for these people in these war torn countries, they were ousted out of their countries without regard for human life, you cannot do the like of this, you are going against the God of Gods by doing the like of this, so that it is only obvious that they are bound to fall and fall heavy, that is America.

The animals that love to see blood went in and destroyed the Peace and these nations were under.

All these Kings of the earth have on their minds is the immediate and the earth needs more that the immediate taken care of, it needs the long term taken care of.

I know a Guy who speaks longingly of his hometown in Bosnia and all of the things he has lost in his country. .

He speaks with deep regret of the friends that he has lost and the simple things he once knew, now gone forever.


How much more of this devastation do you really think that People can take, you Kings of the earth?

None this is how much, none.

We can take no more war and the earth, it sure as Hades cannot take another second of it.

It can take no more changes to its delicate system, you have to stop, this is the warning that you are receiving, and wont you listen?

Or is it impossible for you to listen to any of this?


The greed brought on by pride of ones possessions, it's the pride of self that has got to be put in its place.

Greedy businessmen

Children who are been used for slaver trade with 90 cent per day or a week, what ever it is, it has got to stop, you were told to look after the widow and the orphans, not to abuse them, why don't you listen?

It is all for the greed of the businessmen, well you see, you are about to become afraid, when you see what the judgement is upon the Religion that has misrepresented Gods word, when you see them wasting away, then maybe you will become afraid and then do the right thing.

For as scripture clearly states, the businessmen stood at a distance for fear of her torment.

Some of these kids in far off places, these kids are in situations were they are pregnant and they are told to get rid of the child, to have an abortion or else they loose their Job, is nothing sacred to you animals?

They flush their babe down the toilet fear of you people giving them the heave ho, woe on to those carrying babes in their wombs, for these are dreadful times, brought about by greed.

Have we all lost our reason?

We in the West have all become like little spoilt children with our demands for the best of everything, shoes runners shirts and what ever appeals to out vanity.


The Businessmen have you right were they want you People in the Palm of their hands, they have you believing in everything they ever put out.

The greedy Businessmen of the earth raping robbing and pillaging, to the extent of grabbing the oil for them selves.

Biblical times People, Biblical times.

They are robbing at an unbelievable rate, so fast that it may even be too late to stop them.

No one with half a mind can tell me that all of those test that were done with nuclear explosions in all those places did no harm, no one can tell me that.

No one can tell me that they did not damage the upper atmosphere.

Their greed is destructive to our Earth, the earth that we were given to look after and not abuse to the rate that we have abused it.


You can even hear it in the songs that we write, it’s as if the world is on a crash course with it self, doomed to destruction.

Maybe it is too late to save the sky and the forests that help man to breath.

You have heard it said that if God almighty him self did not step in then no flesh would have a chance of survival.

We are now at that stage in History.

If we are not stopped, if the businessmen are not stopped then no one will survive and we have no one to blame but our selves, if they do not stop their raping and pillaging of the earth's wealth, the oxygen the forests, then you may all start to buy the last piece of timber you will ever need, you coffin.

'Cause you'll all be dead as the dead as the nails for the wood of the coffin. And how many times do a people have to be warned before they actually see that the danger is so real.

You businessmen of the Earth are the destroyers of the Earth, the destroyers of it.

You are destroying every piece of natural resource there is on this big old earth and the people are helping for sure.

Soon your oil will all be all meaningless to you, the petrol, all no use, and the very money that you love so much will become valueless. Are you scared People with the words you read.

You should be terrified because of all of the damage you have caused to the earth and its delicate balance that God made.

You have torn it too shreds and be prepared for it too fall to bits, because you insist in continuing on as you are.

With your pride in company slogans and the clothes that you wear, all of this has been the undoing of it all, images and idols of the earth.

They, these children have been ruined for your lovely things, your idols and emblems.

You People are far removed from the sufferings of your brothers in far off places, even in your own land, all working and dying in inhumane conditions, just so that you can say "yhe don’t I look good, yhe sweet".

Were the Love?

You have none you only believe in words like hip and cool which have no meaning your intrest is in looking good, when all you really look like are idiots without heart.

All you know is cool, you kids out there, COOL CCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. #

What does that word mean?

It means no love for your brother; it means self-self self-self and love for your self and no one else.

You have no love for your sister's and brother's who are in complete misery for your comfort, you People don’t really deserve what you have, you are spoilt and greedy and without Love.

You are thankless and miserable in your luxury, you are hiding behind all tat you have built up, your empires of wood and stone and glass that glimmer and glitter in the daytime sun.


How many times do you People have to be warned before you take action?

Are you all asleep?

Are you all even Human?

Following you immaturity leaves you cold and immune to the troubles of your sisters and brothers who are suffering.

You move along in your piety that your religious freedom gives you, well haven’t you got that luxury, safe in your weekly forgiveness that shields you from your guilt, that you get from the priests who are weighed down with the thoughts of wanting to be married. And as they discuss these things for another thousand years more will die when it is all in the peoples hands to stop the deaths, at least the ones that are within their power to stop.


You People are like snails with your talks about talks following your own sense of self importance while the people on the other side of the globe who are related to you, you allow them to continue in their suffering, living in inhumane conditions, you people are really asleep ignoring such important issues shows that you do not care at all for the Human family, they all can go to hell as far as you are all concerned.

You are going to continue wearing your special garment s with your feel good emblems, images of pride.

As far as you People are concerned, you People are much more important, this is true racism, you will not help your brothers and sisters on the other side of earth by demanding a fare share of the wage for them, so that you can be kept in your luxury.


The greedy businessman should be made give back some of these vast profits to these people who cry out to be treated like moral human beings, while the greedy businessmen profit percent from this kind of slavery, well, businessmen watch out for the judgement upon BABYLON THE GREAT, AND be afraid for your own judgement.

Don’t do onto others what you would not have done onto your selves, has not this command been broken, the covenant that was laid down so long ago that the Americans promised to uphold it has been crushed and broken.

Abraham was just one single man, but we are many" say the American's who are going in to take what is not theirs.

You Pharaoh you continue to destroy the Earth, you keep ignoring the destruction at your own peril, and you keep ignoring the cries for justice while you love your blood money.

Go on fouling yup your own Nile rivers then and streams polluting the very air that we breath, sucking oxygen from the atmosphere until we all collapse from the lack of it, as the earth sinks to it's grave.


Jehovah's Witnesses Proved Liars,
by becoming like Israel

I have written up these pages in order to let people know that Jehovah's Witnesses are "The House of Israel" by their own admission, so this make's them fall under the judgement of same.

And who, may you ask are the House of Israel?

They where the people that the Lord of Israel, in the time of Moses brought out from under the tight-fisted control of the their persecutor, Pharaoh of Egypt.  

If they, the watchtower are the House of Israel, due to the fact they have taken their name from the prophet Isaiah, where the God of Israel is Addressing his people as the House of Israel, then it stands to reason that they must be, (the house of Israel) So, by taking their name from this book, they have identified them-selves as (the house of Israel) and so, they must in these times be judged by their God, as (the House of Israel) they are in effect calling them selves Jews.

They have in the past identified them-selves with the Israelites, with statements such as this one. "In three days in which pharaoh's host [army] pursued the Israelites into the wilderness, the three years from 1917 to 1920 at which time Pharaoh's messengers will be swallowed up in the sea of angry humanity, they say the wheels will come off their chariots. (Organisations. Page 258. -The Finished Mystery.)

So, you can see there from this one statement, that they are in effect calling the Americans and it's leader or President after the old King Pharaoh, so, considering they are based in America, (Brooklyn) when they wrote this, they mean to say that America is Egypt. 


So, they have to be saying that we are moving right in to the time of the Prophet Ezekiel, when they call them selves [the Israelites,] and the nation of America becomes the [final Egypt] They are right to call themselves (The Israelites) for you cannot take the name of the God of Israel, who is (Jehovah) and not be the Israelites.

In the book Ezekiel, the house of Israel are judged in the final days for lying in the divine name, so then, they must accept the Judgement handed out to them through the Prophets, which say they have carried on the lie in the intimate group of their people, as it clearly states in the Prophet Ezekiel, and just like their fathers before them, they have fallen in love with the idols that are before their faces.

And what are they?

They are the books that they love to Publish, in the book of Amos, 4 they are nailed when the prophet says this Publish O' Israel and proclaim your voluntary offerings)

This is what they do, they love to publish and they proclaim that they have been built up legally by accepting voluntary donations, or free offerings, free donations. 

I have given you a few links, just tap into them and the first one explains why these people can be none other than (The house of Israel) So what I am trying to say in my own clumsy way is that they are (The house of Israel) who have lied in the name of their GOD, Jehovah, twice, in fact.1975 and 1925.

It seems to me that it is time for the Witnesses of Israel to have the divine name of GOD taken from them. If this has to be done in a court of law then so be it, for they have profaned his name among the nations, the name of their GOD. I do feel that it is my duty to see that this is seen to in a most definite way.

It is not possible for an organisation to take the divine name and make two presumptions in that name and then carry them on in the intimate group of their people; Gods people, for they are calling Jehovah a liar and how can this be allowed?

If it has to be brought to a court of law in order to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that they have lied and that they have absolutely no right to use the divine name, then this is what should be done.

They are mixed up in all kinds of idolatry; with their printing houses, Bethel and Gilead and even by using these two names they fall into the same judgement as their forefathers. Do I make my self-clear?

They love to publish, they are causing the deaths of their own people, and I mean literally as well as spiritually. When it is Spiritually, then it leads to a literal death.

There are many cases coming to the attention of the public of sudden suicides by members of the Witnesses, and all because they are confused and afraid and alone and in pain, and they don’t know why.

They are left wide open to the one they believe to be the Devil and his attacks, because their pain causes them confusion and then they leave without any kind of emotional support to help them recover from their plight.


When you have taken this in, and I hope it is not too much to take in, if it is not then go to the other links, there you will find some more

"I will visit the altars of Bethel and the horns of the altars shall be cut off and fall to the ground" say's the Lord Jehovah. [Amos 3/13] and also [Amos 4/5]

Link, Continue to this page




I know first hand of the unwillingness of People to give.

Those who have money, I mean, I’ve seen the ones who have no money give without a second thought.

So World Poverty is down to us here on This Earth, God, He is blameless as is his Son.

It is Human beings that are to blame for letting their brothers suffer needlessly.

They do not have to suffer in these countries, not if those of us who are in the positions to give would only give like we are supposed to give.


It wouldn't surprise me in the least if all of the stress that we as Humanity suffer from were caused from or partly from the act of not given and letting our fellowman die in the streets.

Hardened hearts, hearts of stone, and hearts of steel.

To give to your fellowman in war torn area's that are in deep deep trouble and need.

We are supposed to be taking responsibility for our fellowman, if you were living in these places, would you not want to know that someone out there was giving and trying to help in a real way.

"The Golden Rule!"

It is not right, knowing that we are allowing our brothers in far off places to starve to death, letting them die of the basic needs.


Food, the most basic need in life.

Where are your hearts People/

Are they in that bag of shopping that you carry home with you filled with clothes all for the self?

As you carry home, as you look into the window at those wonderful red shoes or something else that you desire just for you.

Just think about your brothers in those far off places on the roadside, picking up grains of rice until he really has not picked up anything only a few grains of rice.


What can he make of a few grains of rice, only nothing?

Have you all gone totally mad People?

Has Insanity completely taken hold of you, and are you all in a trance?

Can't you see the travesty that is going down here, surly I can't be the only one left who sees the things that I report to you now, surly I am not the only one.

All that you ever do People is talk about your selves and yours.

And all of you so called hard men just make me ill, all you are made up of is a jelly like substance called flesh, don’t you all know that you are as breakable as a potters vessel?

You are all breakable and not thought at all; it's all just a delusion.

Here comes the Golden RULE IN ACTION AGAIN.

If you where all watching you’re own children dying from starvation, how big would you feel then?

And see how tuff you would all feel with most of your body fat content gone.

No! You are not tuff at tall; I have seen many hard men cry over smaller things.

I see regularly all of these so called hard men bluffing with their mouths, all-pretending to be something they are not

Given the right reason and situation they would most likely shite in their pants.

No again I say there are no tuff men, only bullies that love to perceive them selves as hard men, but the wars of the old world showed up people for what they are, flesh and bone, but they could not take this simple truth.

We are simply flesh and blood, a substance made from jelly.

I have seen all kinds of men in various situations where they are down on the ground and not able to get up of the ground, laying half dead there on the ground from black outs of fits or something that has knocked them out of the game.

When we all come to realize that we are only this then we can come down off of this phoney and lying image of what we are not.

We live in a world of delusion where men walk around pretending to be so hip, and women the same.

While children hunker down on their hands and their knees in full-blossomed hunger, picking up what they can find on the floor, what have we become only a joke to the one true GOD.

He laughs at our attempts to be as powerful as he and he roars with anger because we leave these children on the roadside.

Bully boys standing on the side of the road with there well fed bellies standing in their own vomit, I have seen it all as the children who are walk on legs of jelly.

Children in the east laying on the roadside, while we in the west are living so nicely.

And at the table there are businessmen counting their money never putting by for the ones who cry.

When will the human race take responsibility, when will we take responsibility for our crimes against humanity?

It is we, the human family who do not take care of the human family.

Who else is going to take care at this point in time, only humanity?

The King Jesus will eventually take over.

But I think we will be tested first.

It has been left to us to care, because who else will do it, the animals?

If we cannot relieve their pain, then there is one who will; he will do it any way.

When the Son of mans Kingdom arrives.

How hard can it be for you People to dig into your pockets and surrender a small portion of your wages towards the relief of World Hunger?

One or Two euros per day, it’s not too much to ask now is it.

My own Mother as bad an all as she could be believed in giving and setting aside a part of her earnings and she was not even employed, she did not even work but only had a lousy widows pension given to her by the state.

How much Longer are we willing to allow these atrocities to go on without lending a hand to stop the suffering, when all that we do is give scraps from our tables, while they starve for the want of your help.

And how much longer, when we know that collectively it is within our power to relieve this hunger on a massive scale.

All it takes is all of the People to come together and do what Jesus and His Father asked of the People. Give a part of your wheat field to the hunger or the gleanings of your harvest.

Someone once said to me, Ah that is just the devil, making everyone feel guilty.

What do you think?

If it then I am confused, because it was God who said to give a part of your earnings to the hungry, feed the hungry and the clothe the poor.

I just don’t understand why the world has not thought of something this big before; I mean are we all that mean?

For to give the amount I speak of wont break us will it?

I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty, i am trying to take the guilt away, if anything, because it seems to me that not responding to this world crisis is causing guilt.

We are guilty no matter what is said, just as guilty as Hitler when he left so many People so starve in concentration camps.

We too are allowing People to starve in the third world concentration camps.

Can you not se this?

WE have absolutely no excuse for we have all become a bunch of self-serving spoilt children who don’t care doing everything for the self.

There is no thought for our brothers on the other side of the planet.

I truly cannot believe that we are allowing this Holocaust to take place, it is happening every time a million or so people die from hunger.


If an idea like this was organised properly worldwide for each here in the West to give just to give.

The idea has nothing to do with me, it was thought of a long time ago by the creator of humanity.

I am personally tired of seeing people dying on a mass scale.

And I am tired of hearing my own God get the blame for what is obviously lacking human beings.

I hear the house of Israel say that the most Important thing is taking in knowledge and eating up words until they are physically sick from them, as they read their parrot books.

I know that the PEOPLE ARE NOT going to like what it is that I am saying, but again, I Have to say that it is not me who is saying it but the scriptures.

These judgements are coming straight from the Prophet Ezekiel.

The People are wasting away with a wasting Illness due to their obsession with the Temples that they put above their own bodily Temples, and the books they love to read, they put these also above their own temples, as it states clearly in the New testament, the body, don’t you know that it is a temple.


Jehovah, the God of their Fore fathers is about to separate him self from the House of Israel, again, because of their lack of concern for the People they are supposed to be Shepard’s to, they are putting things that make no sense at all above the things of God.

He will separate him self from them using the nations judgements, such as the court, and a trial, with regards the money they have received from their so-called voluntary offerings.


Jehovah is about to Publicly shame these People, because they have not tended to the Sheep, they have not tended to the flock, instead they have tended to the bricks and mortar that build temples and the trees that build books and lots of them.


They should not have carried on with their lie among the people, Presuming to speak on Gods behalf as usual, They should not have said that the end was due, for no one knows the end not even the Son in the heavens.


You will see these suffer a public humiliation when they are brought into a trial.

They have allowed their flock to go without real spiritual food for obsession of books, the idols that are in front of their faces.

I want these people to listen to what will follow.

1. Why do you feel tired always?

2. Why do you suffer from ailments to do with the stomach? Why do you feel sad all of the time, and depressed?

3. Why are you always on about the end of time?

Don’t you know what it says in scripture, about woe onto those that are awaiting the end?

The reason is because you have listened to two princes and their two errors.

Because you will not test the inspired expression, Go and look at your selves and Your two errors in scriptures These two Princes gave, according to the book of truth, they gave them selves permission to appoint elders in their positions when The God of Israel did not give them any permission, they have acted just like their forefathers.


Ask your selves again why you feel so bad inside. And I'll give you the answer In Gods name.

Four thousand years ago, in the prophet Ezekiel it was told that you would take his name, that is Gods name and that you would presume two errors and turn Gods name into a laughing stock among the nations.

The Judgement; according to the book of truth;

A wasting illness.  4.17

The only way that you can hope to save your selves is to leave this institute, the very same way that you ask the People to leave Jerusalem, or Babylon the great, The People have left Jerusalem and gone straight from the frying pan into the fire, by going into the house of Israel, those who have profaned Gods name.


I personally know what it is like to be the inquirer of the lie, after three years I began to feel terrible within my self. I felt like I was sick when I was with this organisation.

It is up to you People to believe it or not, maybe you will listen when you see your elders having to give it all back, considering they did receive every penny they have got from using when they had not right, the name of the God of Abraham.

The God of Israel is not to be played with, his power is terrific, his presence awesome, he can destroy and build up anything that he pleases, he can kill and raise up again all that he chooses, and he demands glory for his Son.

The Human race has become self destructive, you can even hear it in the songs they write, it's as if they are all on a mission to bring about the last days, and they are.


Maybe it's too late to save the forests that help us all to breath did you ever consider this?

Maybe the damage has already been done to such an extent that nothing can be done to save the Earth.


I wonder has anyone considered the option that maybe it is too late to turn back on all of the devastation that has been caused.

After all it does say that the destroyers of the earth destroy.

It never ends.

Babylon is fallen; The end of Israels Vine: 



E.Watchman's site

Ariel Sharon
What is the Word of God about Israel?
Has Rome fallen?

One of the Articles taken fromm watchmanofephraims


E Watchman steal from watchmanofephraims Site.


E watchman has stolen direct comparisons of America to Egypt and A great Ceder Tree, and also his comparisons which were drawn up for a particular Dirge, the Titanic.

The Shame of E.watchman in stealing from the Writer of Dirge.


This is one of the pages which he stole from, you will notice a date down the end of  my page10'10'2000

This is the page he stole my idea from


date 10,10,2000


I am closing this site down, due to robbery by the E.watchman


The articles were you America compared Anglo American and Britain to a ship and a tree you have stolen from the watchmanofephraim site.

I have been working on this site for over four years, and you have come along and taken what does not belong to you and have taken as your own.


You stole from

Because you thought that you could get away with it, you are a most dishonest man or men in t he fact that I have in the past left on your forum my url, and you have gone to my website and taken from it.

You will notice that the website that you stole from has a number of dirges on it, and if you are not blind then you will understand what this means.

God places people in positions when he feels like it.

I have been inspired to write dirges since 1996, and the material, which you took from, is linked t these songs, so that you had no business at all going were you do not belong.

The Prophet Ezekiel was written four thousand years ago for this day, for a songwriter of this day, and you have stolen from God, by taking what does not belong to you.


By stealing both my articles, were I have compared Egypt to America and a Tree and also the Ship, the Titanic, you can even read it in the lyrics of a song on my website. I will shame these people.

Here are the articles they stole from me.

They have also stopped me from going on to e.watchmans forum.

The Dirge singer of Ezekiel

Damien Davis

Doom of the Anglo-American Dyad

The Coming Collapse of the Watchtower


The E

.Watchman has stolen my comparison with Jehovah’s Witnesses to the house of Israel and for this He will or they will be judged.

I f the come to a Prophet for an answer, they shall not be given one.

The Egyptians, the House of Israel, Israel and Judah and Ephraim.

Woe onto to the earth for now they will not stop, they have been brought back to the place were they were born, back to the cradle of civilisation. The Land of the Egyptian, the Pharaoh, the places were he was scattered throughout all of the Earth.

The Egyptians and the House of Israel, Judah and Ephraim, and all of it's descendents from those times were scattered far and wide; carried as leaves on a breeze to distant and far away lands to build or continue building up their proud Empires that crushed the lowly ones and used their children in the sacrifice to the god of fortress.

They never tired of Mopping up the blood from all these bloody battles in the Worship of a strange God, a foreign god, which their forefathers never knew.

I speak now of the Children in these times who are been used to protect democracy and the Money that all goes to protect the god of protection or the god of fortress, the Nuclear arms that pin men to the floor sometimes with the fear with the fear of it's outcome.

'Pharaoh, I will bring you back to your birthplace and in that place I will take you down, upon the mountain's, in the desert' Say's the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

It truly is astounding that so little thought has gone into these words in this very time.


Doesn't anyone see what is happening to the Earth and in particular the Middle East, the Holy Land?

It would appear that the book of the scripture has reopened it self and the God therein have brought his final Pharaoh in on perfect cue.

The Performance has begun, Beginning with Pharaoh [Bush] leading all of the Armies into the Battle, into the surrounding area of the Holy Land.

As a professed Christian, he has to know that what he has done by leading those Armies in, he has fulfilled the Scripture's.

And it is only a matter of time before he fulfils every word of his part..

Woe to Ariel and Woe to the Nations that distress her, [Jerusalem] Israel, these are striking Words, Reopened Scriptures; A book sealed in derision has been reopened.

Is it just my interpretation?

'Woe onto Ariel from the City off David'.

The Scripture will always leave the non believer a way out, so that he can say, 'Ah, sure it is only a new interpretation.

Ariel Sharon is a real man, who just happens to be the leader and president over the land of Israel'.

In this very time were Humanity has got every form of explosion at hand and can bring earth to it's final ruin.

The World is led around by a Dual World Power, with Biblical Symbols that represent their Beastly Powers to crush down and destroy the Singular Man and crowdes of men, in fact Men are no problem to this crushing machine the Eagle and the Lion.

, what a Beast, and it has indeed ascended out of the Sea, but not the literal Sea, but the Sea of men.

It is a Beast, a mountain, it is a horn, its an idol, for anything which is put above the worth of one singleman has no love, nor respect for any man.

Jehovah Speaks to the House of Israel


God Speaks to the House of Israel


In the Fifth year do t he decade of the 90's, I was sitting in my House When the Elders of Israel Sat before me, That is; The Elders OF The House of Israel, [Jehovah's Witnesses].


And a voice said onto me [an inaudible voice] I hasten to add, a voice that you could not hear, but rather could feel, as if you were speaking to your self.


"Son of man, These People have brought the book's that you see them holding in their hand's, That are in front of their face's, they have brought these upon their own heart's and made them selves and their own People, My People, they have made them Cold.”


"By teaching them Commands of Men and not My Command's, Which I have also set out before them, and because they have Profaned My Holy Name and brought Dishonour upon My Great Name, that is Jehovah, their Judgment is a wasting illness.”

"Their error's, Their Two Error’s By Which the Nations have them in a Harness, they were a presumption in My Great and Most Holy name."


They Presumed to Speak on My Behalf as if it were I who was speaking, when I have said nothing at all to these Elders that are in Front of you."

"And they are causing their own People to Waste away by inquiring of these Elder's and all that these Elder's hold in their hand's. The Books that you see that have Writing on both side's of the Paper."


"Because My People have inquired of a lie and to speak a lie, they shall die by the Sword and the Plague and until they repent and come back to me and give Honor to My own Son, they Shall Continue on This Way"...................


To Ariel Sharon
A Word From God Almighty

            Woe to Ariel, Ariel, the city where David encamped! Add year to year; let the feasts run their round. 2 Yet I will distress Ariel, and there shall be moaning and lamentation, and she shall be to me like an Ariel. 3 And I will encamp against you round about, and will besiege you with towers and I will raise siegeworks against you.                  
 Ariel Sharon

The Word of the God of Israel Towards the land of Israel; Continued from Previous website>


And what of Israel?

If the Kings are Judged and religion along with the ones who have profaned The Holy Ones Name, along with the King of Tyre, What of Israel?


Woe onto Ariel from the city of David, who has relied on the leader of America, the greater Egypt.

Woe onto Ariel and the smaller Nations who have relied upon the last of the Pharaoh's who has been leader of the Nations.

When all these Nations relied on this great Tree [Nation]



"Why Oh Why Ariel have you come to rely on Pharaoh h instead of my Son Whom I sent to you?

You have become as a Spiritual desert Sharon without my Son Jesus, you should have believed on him, you and all Israel should have received My Son, Immanuelmy annointed.


When it falls all of those who have relied upon its strength were left without a covering, when this great Nations economical wealth has failed.


When the City was lost, their economy laboured and with that all the Nations feel its devastation.


Why Oh Why Ariel have you relied upon the greater Pharaoh and not upon your God, why have you not listened to your God Ariel.

Look how you were taken out from the land of Egypt all those years ago, Look how the Lord your God, with a strong arm led your fore fathers out of Egypt to a fair land and look Ariel how you continue in bondage to Pharaoh; are you free Ariel from your idols, Oh you back sliding Nation?

Remember how you’re fore fathers rebelled against me in the desert?

and still you are slaves to Egypt, even in this late day.

Have you rebelled against your God Ariel?

Over and over again Israel you have gone astray and now!

So many Nations are against you Israel, in the land of Israel.

and you are relying on Pharaoh to protect you Israel., why do you make the LORD your God

Jealous, were you not told I am a jealous God. Why Oh Why do you constantly deny youre Father in the heavens?

Why Oh Why do you constantly deny me, Jehovah and why Oh Why Ariel have you rejected my one and only Son?

All the Nations have set them selves in array against you Oh Israel.

Should you possess the land with all of your dealings with that Nation, should you possess the land Ariel when you have relied upon Pharaoh, from the West?

I Jehovah through my Son will deal with Pharaoh, for he takes life Indiscriminately, he has come up against my People and he has touched my eyeball.


Pharaoh, with all of you're army's those that are with you, can you stand against me, I the God of Israel?

Can you stand against me the one who lives forever and ever?

When Pharaoh falls to the ground, then so will the Nations who have relied upon his strength.

They have relied upon Pharaoh but not only have the Nations the foreign Nations round about relied upon him but so has my very own People, Israel. You have come to rely upon the strength of Egypt in the final.

And so King of the South whose business has been to the North, but you has come to fight against the Holy one of Israel.

You have come against my very own Son Jesus  and when you come against him then you are coming against me for we are One.

Al that rely upon Pharaoh shall fall, for they depended not upn me.

Even Israel has relied upon Pharaoh, America, Egypt in the final.


And so the War is under way, all those that go against Israel shall waste away were they stand, all those that come against my People Israel, shall die, say's Jehovah, The God of truth.

Pharaoh has come looking for the treasures of the Earth, the Oil.

He has come Looking  and has found.

He has found a treasure which he feels entitled  to, but this treasure belongs to the one who made everything.

"I the God of Israe, it belongs to me.

Who are you Pharaoh to come in to my Landi  order to stealwhat belongs to me, you came in and you found what you were looking for, but you will not have it.


Ariel, Ariel, Ariel, Woe onto you because you have relied on the Ruler from the West, and Pharaoh has relied upon the King of Babyln.

Woe onto the children that rely on this Ruler from the West, for all who rely upon him rely on the King of Tyre; and that one has lied since the beggining, that Son of perdition and that Son of destruction and ANGEL OF LIGHT who walked among the Sparkling Gems and who was there in the Garden of God.

Satan, Oh King of Babylon, Slanderer and Liar.


Are you done making your buissness deals with People, have you gathered a great crowed  together for the War?

You have gathered in a great crowed to come against me.

You have turned all of the Nations against me, the Holy One of Israel.

But I will defend Jerusalem, my beloved, i WILL Defend Jerusalem" Say's the Holy One.


Woe onto Ariel, Says Scripture at Isaiah 29

Woe onto him for depending upon America, or the ruler of Egypt, the word Pharaoh meaning ruler.

So that God the Almighty is Addressing the Final Ruler of a Great and Mighty Nation in the end times.

America with all of it's Egyptology and One World Sytem fits the bill of resembling and When Jehovah of Israel the Lord God Amighty askd, "Who do you resemble Pharaoh"

The question is lef to the Prophet to Answer.

Trouble to all of the Nations who come to rely on this Great Ruler Pharaoh".

Including Gods own Israel;with respect [The Jewish Nation] and their leader Ariel Sharon from the City of David, were Sharon is left like a desert.

Ariels Sharon has gone up to Egypt NOT THE LAND OF EGYPT but America and it's resemblance to Egypt is staggering.


Even Some of Pharaohs Children have come to rely upon My Son, some of Pharaohs children litened and believed, but you Oh Ariel are a stubborn People from the outset, since the time of Moses you have been a stubborn heifer.

You have sinned greatly against your God Israel, from times of long ago, you have offended the God of gods Israel.


Will you come back to me Now Ariel Sharon will you come back to me  and aknowledge my Servant the King that I in my abundant mercy sent to you, will you now at this late time recieve him into your heart?

Or shall you continue to reject him?

Will you Israel in your stubborn pride refuse to see my Son that I the God of gods sent to you all those years past?


How many times Israel must you twart the God of Israel in your disbelief?

Should you inherit the land Which I swore to give my Servant Moses, tell me why you should inherit the land When you have blood on your hands, Why should inherit the land which I swore to your forefathers, when you are guilty of so much bloodshed.

Had you listened to thye servant that i sent to you then you would not have shed so much blood.

What is the command?

Do not kill.

                      To Ariel and Bush  

1 Woe to Ariel, Ariel, the city where David encamped! Add year to year; let the feasts run their round. 2 Yet I will distress Ariel, and there shall be moaning and lamentation, and she shall be to me like an Ariel. 3 And I will encamp against you round about, and will besiege you with towers and I will raise siegeworks against you. 4
Remarks by the President and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in Press Availability
"THE PRESIDENT: I'm pleased to welcome Prime Minister Sharon back to the White House. For more than 50 years, Israel has been a vital ally and a true friend of America. I've been proud to call the Prime Minister my friend. I really appreciate our discussions today. The policy of the United States is to help bring peace to the Middle East and to hope -- bring hope to the people of that region."
Then all the inhabitants of Egypt
will know that I am the Lord,
for they have been a staff [made] of reed
to the house of Israel. 7 When Israel grasped you by the hand,
you splintered, tearing all their shoulders;
when they leaned on you,
you shattered and made all their hips unsteady
To Israel
5 But the multitude of your foes shall be like small dust, and the multitude of the ruthless like passing chaff. And in an instant, suddenly, 6
13 "For this is what the Lord God says: At the end of 40 years I will gather the Egyptians from the nations where they were dispersed. 14 I will restore the fortunes of Egypt and bring them back to the land of Pathros, the land of their origin. There they will be a lowly kingdom. 15 Egypt will be the lowliest of kingdoms and will never again exalt itself over the nations. I will make them so small they cannot rule over the nations. 16 It will never again be an object of trust for the house of Israel, drawing attention to their sin of turning to the Egyptians. Then they will know that I am the Lord God."
Then all the inhabitants of Egypt
will know that I am the Lord,
for they have been a staff [made] of reed
to the house of Israel. 7 When Israel grasped you by the hand,
you splintered, tearing all their shoulders;
when they leaned on you,
you shattered and made all their hips unsteady

Babylon, when it is gone!

When Great Babylon is gone, meaning when all organised religion is gone, what then?

There will be a great vacuum left.

Do we need something to replace Great BABYLON?

Do we need more idols?

No, we don’t need no more idols of wood and stone, no more temples of falsehood.

We need no more books on self-help or on the new gods.

From the time that Great Babylon falls, there will be a GREAT loss, one like never before.

To fill this vacuum we need to know the difference between right and wrong, surly.

Is it wrong to steal?

Is it wrong to murder?

Is it wrong to charge intrest on a loan?

What do you say, all of you people out there?


Is it wrong to crave another mans wife?

What do you say people of the Earth?

It is question like this which will determine who is right and who is wrong.

Because believe me, there is a right and a wrong.


Is it right to see hungry people in the World and do absolutely nothing about it?

Obedience to these laws will determine the righteous from the unrighteous.

The unrighteous will break these commands and think nothing of it, and they have no intention of ever obeying them.


They are the ones who say that it is all right to leave thousands upon thousands hungry and dieing.

These are the ones who will not life a finger to help their brothers.

And they are the ones who will say that it is all right to kill your fellowman in the name of God, when he has blatantly said you must not kill.


In the time of the end of the Gentiles there will only be two roads by which to travel, the right road and the wrong road.


The first road is by way of the Son of man, and the second is by way of evil, or the evil one and what constitutes as being evil?

Anyone who continues to knowingly breaks and disobeys the Commands of God as written down in the Prophet Ezekiel.

This is why the Prophet is so of the modern age.

Any way, that which is not of Jesus is disobedience to the commands of God. The other is by way of evil or the evil one, or by way of the fallen one, or by way of the Devil him self, by way of Satan


The way to follow this road is by disobeying the commands and by ignoring the Christ, this is as plain as it gets, this is what I have observed, this is the truth and nothing short of the truth.

It is not the same information that you have been recieving from all of the other teachers who teach about the Christ because it is the truth.


The truth is, to know the Christ you must obey his teachings and what are his teachings?

To obey the commands of his father.

How do you receive Life?

By doing that which he has said.


In the last days the ones who are persecuted according to scripture are these ones, the ones who follow the commands.

The rest of you will not suffer as they do and this is the truth.

It is so true that to be a believer is not an easy road.

So the point that I am making is this.

You must believe or disbelieve you must be righteous or it's opposite, which is unrighteous.

There is not in between.

There is not middle ground, none what so ever.

So the new fad should be, can I actually do this, can I actually obey something like this?

The system only cares about numbers as do the house of Israel and Babylon.

They care nothing for the individual but only about quantity, where as every single being is sacred to the creator.


Bu the Beast/government does not care for the loss of people, if it did then it would not have been the cause of so many deaths earth wide.


You only have to look at the numbers of people it has allowed to die in this century alone.

How can we continue on in this manner, seeing life as an un-sacred thing?

America, she behaves like the prophet of falsehood.

Promising great things to its people for a price, America apportions the land out for a price, or a reward.


Whom so ever acknowledges the American dream to abandon the Holy covenant, to abandon that which is right, to abandon the commands of GOD AND THE BELIEVE THE FATHER AND HIS SON,

These are the ones that are rewarded.

But what they are given up is eternal life.

The truth is here...



The Nations

 In the twenty-seventh year in the first [month], on the first [day] of the month, the word of the Lord came to me:  "Son of man, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon made his army labor strenuously against Tyre. Every head was made bald and every shoulder chafed, but he and his army received no compensation from Tyre for the labor he expended against it. Therefore this is what the Lord God says: I am going to give the land of Egypt to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, who will carry off its wealth, seizing its spoil and taking its plunder. This will be his army's compensation.  I have given him the land of Egypt as the pay he labored for, since they worked for Me." [This is] the declaration of the Lord God.  "In that day I will cause a horn to sprout for the house of Israel, and I will enable you to speak out among them. Then they will know that I am the Lord."

Why have the Nations  gone as far as the Holy Land?
to bring democracy, their kind of democracy.
And why has the eagle and the Lion, both proud and arrogant and willful to the point of boldness, gone inot a land from which they originated from, the area of Egypt, the cradle of Humanity.
The King from the South has come against the King of the North, and the Prophets have come alive again, Daniel and Ezekiel have been reopned and Daniels King of the South has gone forth inot the land of decoration in order to devote many to destruction.
Woe to the Earth for now they will not stop.
They  have been brought back to the place were they were born, to the cradle of civilisation.
The land of the Egyptian, the land of the Pharaoh, the place were he was scattered throughout all of the Earth.
The Egyptians and the House of Israel, Judah and Ephraim, and all of the decendents from those times were scatteredfar and wide, carried as leaves on a breeze to distant and far away lands to bild or continue building up their proud Empires that crushed the lowley ones and used their children in a scarifice to the god of fortress.
They never tired of mopping the blood from all of these bloody battles in the worship pf a strange god, a foreghn god that their forefathers never knew.
The children of this time are now used in the sacrifice to the god that protects democaracy and the money that goes to the god of protection or fortress, the nuclear arms that pin men to the floor with the fear of it's out come, the finality of nuclear war.
'Pharaoh, I will come and bring you back to your birth place, I will take you down, upon the mountains, in the desert' says the God of Israel.
It truly is astounding that such little thought is given to these words in these late times.
Does no one see what is happening to the Earth and in particular the Midddle East, in the Holy land.
It would appear that the book of the scripture has reopened it self and the God therein has brought his final Pharaoh in on perfect cue, but can Pharaoh see this?
The performance has begun, beggining with Pharaoh [Bush] leading all the Armies of the World inot the surrounding area of the Holy land.
And Ariel has built up a wall, it too been in accord with scripture.
As aProfessed Christian Bush has to know that what he has done by leading all of these armies in to this area, he has inded fulfilled scripture.
And it's only a matter of time before he fulfills every word of the part that he plays.
Woe to Ariel and Woe to the Nations that distress Israel, these are striking words, reopened scriptures.
'Woe onto Ariel in the city were David encamped'.
Ariel Sharon is a real man, who just so happens to be a president over the land of Israel, in these very  dangerous times were man has the means to ruin Earth and devastate it to the full.
The World is led around by a dual World power, with Biblical symbols that represent their beastly powers, powers that crush and destroy the sungular man and crowdes of men, in fact, men are no problem to this crushing machine, the Eagle and the Lion, what h a Beast and it has indeed ascended out of the Sea, not the lteral sea, but the sea of humanity.
It's a Beast, It's a Mountain and it is a horn, and it is an Idol, for anything which is put above the singular man has no love or respect for any men.
How many have been sacrificed down through the eons of time in order to build up this creation of an Idol.
And the Eight King was born from the seventh head, and the seventh head ruled over the earth, and it came about after the 6th which was Rome.
The seventh been a dual World power, like Media/Persia.
And the seventh brought about a completion of ten Kings.
Ten Kings, a complete circle, the perfect o, knights of the round table, so to speak.
The Eight King is One King who will rule all of mankind.


Babylon http://www.vatican.vaBabylon, you who reside among the nations, you that have had your breasts squeezed by the men of valour, men of bravery, men in high places, in fact the top ranking men of the earth, you defiled your selves with all that you desired, a young harlot in purple and scarlet attire.

You became famous throughout the Earth; you polluted your rivers, the polluted rivers of spirituality.


You great Babylon have defiled your self since the days of your youth, you whom the LORD found as a babe and picked you up and lovingly nursed you onto your youth, and you became a youth when the lord Jehovah dressed you and made you the envy of many and then you where ready to meet your generals and colonels and your captains, princes and lords. You began to lust after all these men and went after and took them into your bed.

You broke away from your husbandly owner, the lord Jehovah, of Israel, yes, as Jerusalem you caroused around and became a lustful young harlot who broke your Husbands Heart, Jehovah's heart with all your unfaithfulness, taking bribes, you played lustfully with the top ranking ones of the Earth.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the Whore, Jerusalem, Jerusalem the harlot, Jerusalem, Jerusalem in purple and scarlot, Jerusalem a prostitute for hire.

Guilty, Oh Guilty is Babylon as Jerusalem as Catholic for you are one and the same, identified fully for the nations.

For all your young men you made pass through the fire, Oh Babylon, Oh Babylon says the LORD of creation "How many times I have wanted to gather your children, like a hen gathers it's chicks, Great Babylon Great Babylon mother of abomination's of the EARTH. Mother of harlot’s, She is a blood-guilty city for the prophet to judge.

She has not changed and has not cleansed for she cannot be cleansed, for her filth is so great, the blood within her house is high and wide and deep.

She is guilty of the deaths of all those who would be HOLY. she has killed many a righteous man. .

She is defiled due to the abundance of all of her errors and murders throughout all of time, throughout all of the generations, since the time of Jerusalem right up to the time of Great Babylon.


She is famous among the nations and is known for her pride and arrogance and her dress of purple and scarlet, the dress of the old Roman Empire.

No longer can she be hidden, for the CATHOLIC religion is BABYLON and is JERUSALEM, for when she was young she was known as JERUSALEM and now she is a mother, she is now called BABYLON THE GREAT CITY.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city I loved says the LORD of Israel, the lord of Justice and righteousness, Babylon the mother of all harlots has come to be known throughout all of the Earth.

She will go down and not rise up, like a stone she has sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Jerusalem Jerusalem, slayer of the prophets, she has come to be known in all of the Earth.

The lord of the earth has judged her.

Let Jesus be the mediator of the new covenant, the King of Israel.

He shall bring Israel back under his Kingship and not through the Church or Priest or Bishop or Cardinal, for they have all been defiled, but He will gather the Nations.

Jerusalem as the bride, Jerusalem shall be renewed, the bride of the LORD of creation.

For the mother of harlots has fallen, great Babylon, the old Jerusalem.

She has been revealed made know throughout the earth the lord of Israel has revealed your identity by the power of the Spirit, he has judged the harlot, the Woman who once had a kingdom over the Kings of the earth. She has been finally made known. She was afraid of this day coming along and now it is here, where she is most definitely spoken of through the prophets by the spirit of God and the judgements come from him, and now it is peoples duty after they hear these words to flee from, to get out now while there is still a chance.

There is no spirituality within her, only death, you can’t stay inside an institute that has been judged by the God you are seeking? Anyone who stays within her churches will be judged along with her for her deeds have gone clear up to the heavens, see her judgements, it is the very same for the [house of Israel,] for they have been judged too.

They are wasting away in their error, but so too are the Catholic religion, as Babylon, [they will look each one to the other as they waste away in their error, the error of remaining within this organisation. People, you have seen the film, the Magdalene sisters' and as the girl says in the film, you are not a man of God, this is Babylon the great which has been judged by The Lord of truth.

He is the judge of the Earth and he has judged her out-right, the advice to anyone who is within this institute is to run now and never step a foot within her walls again. Go now before it is too late.


And the United Nations has gone into perdition. , United no more, they the Governments of the earth do so despise the Harlot.  They do so hate the Catholic religion.

The judgements by GOD have arrived, Israel is upon the world stage and has told two lies, and Babylon too is upon the world stage and she is known as the Catholic Church. .

The Catholic religion is the Roman Empire, and as Jerusalem of old.

She is suffering all the jeering and the whistling that are described in the book of lamentations. This, along with all the other prophets nails this corrupt organisation to the wall with her blood lust down through the centuries.

If the House of Israel got anything right it was identifying this institute by its proverbial name, BABYLON THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, this is something that not only they should know, but also the whole Earth should know who she is. She must know that she has been judged and that anyone who stay's within her churches to try and reach God shall in no way be able to do so, for she [CATHOLIC CHURCH] is under heavy judgement and cant escape her downfall.

All that we are seeing through the papers regarding her Priests and their crimes is her downfall.

One day it will be a headline in a newspaper.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, full of Priests and Cardinals who have betrayed the Holy Covenant, there is no going back now for all of these men now, except out of the Order.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, slayer of the prophets, go into any church in the world and you have walked into Jerusalem, Babylon the harlot, full of Idolatry and her spirituality has dried up. In her, is found Candles, Incense, Gold, Marble, Ivory, Brass, Fine flour, Coaches, Wheat, Slaves, Bride and Bridegroom, Musicians, Pipers and harpists, millstone and the blood of all of the prophets whom she killed, Great Babylon mother of harlots and the disgusting things of the earth.

And over seven major empires she has sat, from the Time of, Babylon, Egypt Assyria, Media/Persia, Greece, and the sixth as John says in the new testament was Rome, and the Seventh---------------------------------Britain/America, a dual world Empire like Media/Persia. Out of the ashes of this final Kingdom will arise the true kingdom of God. 

And after all of this has fallen, out of its ashes will raise a kingdom, the kingdom of God.

Great Babylon will long be forgotten, her and all of her crimes against God and man.

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, weep for your end is now.

Your husbandly owner has judged you, he has judged you and left you bereft of all your children. The priests walk along the road looking lost and forlorn knowing that their mother is dead, Great Babylon is dead.

And now that you know who she is you must, if you believe in the Christ, you must leave her to perish or else perish with her. Babylon has fallen, weep not for her, for she has caused bitterness among the people of the earth, she has caused such stress and even insanity among her Occupants, Babylon, the great mistress of the nations, her priests with their smocks of black and white, and the women with their viels upon their heads, Nuns, Capturing souls alive as if they where a prize to be won, Both the house of Israel and Babylon are guilty for this. In the past they where wicked wicked people destroying young girls, in convents, forcing Jesus down their throats destroying any connection between them selves and the true King of righteousness.

Catholicism has been compared to an unclean pot before, and now it is been done again, because it has not been cleansed, it is like dirty dishwater inside a pot and now it is time to throw it out, it is no good any more, its guilt is huge. it has the guilt of so many millions of Jews, they wont forgive them and why should you, when their is a judgement against them from God him self.

Now, how can you people go into her churches every week.


 Because God is there?

No, he is not, Babylon is an empty shell that houses nothing but filth and you who believe in God should know this, you should also know that he does not live in handmade temples, so get out of her.

If he does not live in the houses [Churches] the houses of Babylon, then why do you insist in going in there to look for him? He has told you in the Holy books that he does not reside in these temples, and why do you worship Mary as the Mother of God, he is the first and the last, there is no one before him. You worship the Queen of the heavens, and so fulfil scripture.

There is but only one mediator between man and GOD and this is his Son.

You people will accuse a man of speaking proverbial sayings , because history has a habit of repeating itself. .

I feel that I have the duty and the right and the Authority to attack and bring her down for I have witnessed the damage she has caused, most of all,, I feel totally compelled to do what I do, to besiege her with all the words that I am inspired to put against her. Words that will leave holes within her walls, so that the people will know who and what she, Great Babylon has done. All you people will have to do is to look with your own two eyes at her judgement, the attacks by the media, they look like the attacks by the media, but they are inspired attacks told of two thousand years ago. Attacks by singers and actors, comedians, they all hold Great Babylon up to ridicule.

Everybody who passes by Babylon and jeers her residents, just as prophesied in the book of the Israelites.

She weeps because there is no one to comfort her from among all of her lovers. There will soon be no one from among all of the nations who will go near her for fear of her fate.

She is doomed, she is destined to fall, for she never cared for her children that she was given to look after by the GOD of the Israelites, she failed miserably to do what she was supposed to do, which was to guide the people out of darkness and into the light. .

For she is darkness, total darkness, she is no light to the children of the Earth. She [religion of the Catholic variety] has only cared for her self.

Lived in the lap of luxury with absolutely no thought for the homeless and the destitute of the EARTH.

She has taken money from her Churchgoers like adults would take candy from a baby, Money and luxury that she has lavished in right through the centuries.

She knew that the GOD of Israel had her nailed and judged, she recognised her self in scripture a long long time ago, and during the inquisition she killed the prophets who identified her.

She knew the people had this information about her and had she not killed all of these true men of God she would not have had a chance of survival.


True saints and true prophets who died trying to get the truth out to the public about Babylon . . . . . . . .

And now you know that your ancestors, your very own people died at the hands of these people. All these people were done away with because she tried and succeeded in hiding her identity for all those years, but no more, the time is now there will be no more delay.

Come you people an' I will show you the Judgement upon the great Prostitute who sits upon many waters as each river dry up slowly but surly. Come you people and I will show you the woman who wears the colours of the old garments of Roman Empire, for she is Rome, and seven great nations have come and gone since she first came into existence------look as she wears her with the colours of the old Roman Empire. Bring her down. And watch as the people of the largest Empires bring her down in a hail of indignities, as she is shamed out of existence as the parents of the children she systematically abused both physically and mentally, they bring writs against her in numerous quantities.

Come you people of the earth and look upon her shame for she is fully naked. Babylon the great Babylon, she weeps because there is none to comfort her from among all of her lovers, and there will soon be no one from all of the nations who will go any where near her, if the believers insist in continuing to go onto her houses, they will be seen as part of Babylon.


The revelation is not for nothing, it is divine judgement upon this organisation, before the coming of the Great day.

She will fall, for all of her children she did not care, the children she was given to look after by the God of Israel, she has lost a great many, there are hordes of them slain among the proverbial streets of Jerusalem.


The revealing of all the crimes by her priests has been told from long ago, she, and they are known as Babylon, in all of the prophets.

She is spoken of in all of these

Babylon, Babylon, Babylon, Babylon, your end is assured and it is now, Vatican City, you have been revealed, Vatican City, you have been revealed.

Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome, you are known and this has become a dirge Babylon ...Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, one and the same, you have been shamed among all of the nations, all because you went against your husband, Lord Jehovah. DAMIENDAVIS




Babylon, I foresee you’re great structures falling down around your ears, your destiny lies beneath the stones, your fall will soon be Complete.

You have no hope of ever withstanding your Judgement.

It's final; your churches will be closed and sold over to the people.

Your finished Babylon, your luxury has drained from you, sell up what ever you have and begin your new life-styles without your lying Holiness.

You have been a lie from the start and your lies have been bitterly uncovered for all of the earth’s people to see for all these people to see your shame.

The prophet has made a hole in your walls so that the people who are passing by can see all of your past deeds, like the inquisition, your shame is universal, under your symbolic name that the GOD of truth gave to you.

The people who have left and will leave your Catholic Churches are all in exile, as the one who plays in dirge asks them to turn back one last time, so that they will come to the truth, and what is that? I hear you ask.

The only one way there is to go is with the anointed one and to believe in his teachings and to follow his commands that lead to life.

How many shall be lost and at what cost?

Uncountable, like the grains of sand on the seashore and they are just people like you and me, real people with real feelings and emotions of different kinds.

To survive, the people need to love from the heart and they need to leave their pious temples that are filled with false piety that cannot belong to God, or his Son, as he would demand that it be given to the poor.

The world has got to make a dramatic change if it is to escape the threat that still remains.

Religion has been used for all kinds of wars and the like throughout the earth.


A system that is designed to cut people off and destroy them is a system that should be cut off and destroyed.

The Priests have been revealed for who they are, the military have been revealed for who they are, a bunch of war mongers who are like a spring waiting to be uncoiled, waiting for their first opportunity to pounce for those who are their employers.

What a wonderful system we have created for our selves, a system that causes lunacy to happen.

The Priests! We don’t need them any more, they are Godless men pretending to be men of GOD, but they have been revealed as the Godless men they are, Paedophiles, and the others who have concealed their acts are surly as guilty as they are.

Any efforts of diplomacy on the part of the Catholic Church, bought and paid for by spin doctors will come to nothing, because what they do "change the image of the Catholic church" it is just a last ditch dying attempt to breath life into the whore known as Babylon.

The people will not go in near her after her identity has been made known, do you really believe that those who are already attending her churches will continue to do so, after it gets out that they are walking into an institute that has been judged by the GOD that it babbles on about, with absolutely no reverence.

The people who fear GOD would be crazy to continue on in her churches, it would be comparable to a man going up to the throne of God and spitting in his face.

She has been judged by this God and so they must recognise her for who she is, Rome+ Religion Catholic=Babylon. She is a wasted and spent shell.

People must listen to what is been said or else face judgement that will be given to those who ignore the warning and arrogantly stay within her Churches, a similar judgement that is been experienced by the house of Israel who profaned Gods Holy name. An "auto immune" disease is no joke at all; I certainly would not walk into a church today to worship knowing that a judgement like this has fallen upon it.

Do you really believe that a GOD as pure and as Holy as Jehovah would still be within her walls?


"Get out of her my people for her sins have massed up clear to the heavens."

The GOD who judges her is strong, pay back to her double what she has given, yes give her twice the amount of torment for in her heart she has continued to say, I am queen and I will never know the loss of children.

She has left the children outside of her door while she lived in the lap of pure luxury. But in one hour her judgement has arrived, her judgement and her luxury has dried up.


Do you know? That you could not drag?


Do you know that you could not drag one witness into a church, because they can see the judgement that is upon her?

So it’s Purple and Scarlet for a Mysterious Harlot.

Those who are in her are sad and depressed and lonely and sick and caught in-between a rock and a hard place, they no there is something wrong with her but they are afraid to leave her.

But they should not be afraid, they should be afraid to stay within her walls.

It is like a sickness has been given to those who would arrogantly defy the God of Israel. And they still continue to go in to her churches.

The body of Christ has always been his people and the church of Christ has always been his people, those who believe him are his church. get out of her my people and see that she has been found out, leave her and know that her destiny is the fire, there is only one way to the church of the Christ and it is certainly not by or through the door or gates of the catholic Empire, for not a stone will be left upon a stone.

"You are not a man of God, you are not a man of God"

From the film, the Magdalene sisters, this film nails them to the wall, the Church of Satan, and their acts show this, their abuse against little boys and girls were acts of wickedness and total evil.

No! Anyone who continues to remain in these churches of the Catholic faith will be feeling the same pain as they are, because they will be supporters of all that Evil.

No matter what they say and even if they say, 'O' but we would never support what all them priests got up to, and God will say "but you are when you remain within her churches. By staying there you are supporting all of that evil.

"Get out of her my people says the Lord for her sins are great indeed, get out now or share in her guilt. Get out or share in her punishment.

Catholic religion has been revealed.

D Davis...


 In the tenth year, in the tenth [month] on the twelfth [day] of the month, the word of the Lord came to me: 2 "Son of man, turn your face toward Pharaoh king of Egypt and prophesy against him and against all of Egypt. 3 Speak [to him] and say: This is what the Lord God says:
Look, I am against you, Pharaoh king of Egypt,
the great monster lying in the middle of his Nile,
who says: My Nile is my own;
I made [it] for myself. 4 I will put hooks in your jaws
and make the fish of your streams
cling to your scales.
I will haul you up
from the middle of your Nile,
and all the fish of your streams
will cling to your scales. 5 I will leave you in the desert,
you and all the fish of your streams.
You will fall on the open ground
and will not be taken away
or gathered [for burial].
I have given you
to the beasts of the earth
and the birds of the sky as food.
6 Then all the inhabitants of Egypt
will know that I am the Lord,
for they have been a staff [made] of reed
to the house of Israel. 7 When Israel grasped you by the hand,
you splintered, tearing all their shoulders;
when they leaned on you,
you shattered and made all their hips

New York will be lost as a city. Its at the heart of America, and is the engine of America.



It could even be described as a Ship, a trading city that was built by People from outside lands, all around the world.


They built her up and lived and rowed her. She is compared to an old city, the city of Tyre that lived by the coast and was also built by people from the outside.

What happened to this great city?

She was left a bare shining surface of a crag

He is comparable to the ancient city of Tyre,

She is comparable to the old city of Tyre that also lived by the sea and was also built up by People that came from all around the world, from every nation; they built her up as a ship.

What happened to this great City of old, this city of Tyre?

She was destroyed totally and absolutely, left as a bare shining surface of a crag, she was left like a shining bare surface.

Just for her pride, she was destroyed and left in ruins, not by human hands but by The God that I worship, LORD of Creation, the Lord of Israel.

{I know that when I say MY GOD, peoples Attitudes are, well you can tell your God from me that... and I’ll say to you, no you tell him, I am not your messenger boy, you tell him in your own head, he will hear you]

He'll say, in that day I will offend the hearts of many Peoples.


Is New York a similar city?

Yes she is a very similar city.

She belongs to a very arrogant nation, America who came all the way from the time of the First Pharaoh, This is their line, this is where they originated from and this is whom they resemble.

They are in the upper part of the Nile, so to speak.

You can call America the final Pharaoh, because the Lord of creation calls it this in the prophet Ezekiel.

They will be judged as such and brought to ruin by the God of truth, God almighty.

He will judge them.

So that when you see it go, you will know that it was he who brought it down to its knees.

He will judge it for believing that it has his backing in going into Iraq, they have not got his backing, in fact he is very much against America and he will bring it too its knees.

You do not have the right America and you are living on borrowed time.

For breaking the covenant of the Lord you will suffer all that is in the prophet EZEKIEL compare your self to Egypt America to know what your destination is.

Just like TYRE was ruined and just as Pharaoh was destroyed and brought to nothing in humiliating circumstances, it stands to reason that you are the final King on the Earth, Egypt; who will be brought lower that all the other nations who envied you for so many years.

The one doing the ruining will be God almighty.

You look and search the scriptures but you understand absolutely zero for if you did then you would understand the final fulfilments of this prophecy, it is calling you Pharaoh into judgement and it describes you as the tallest tree in all of planet earth, in whose branches all of the other nations take refuge.

But they will not do so for much longer, because this tree will be chopped down, no longer a place of shade for the other trees of the earth, Oh Pharaoh, no not for all of the other envious trees.........

You are compared to a great tree and you are compared to a crocodile muddying up your own waters.

You are compared to a Wild Beast, which is destroyed in the lake of fire.

Not Hell, but a complete destruction of you.

You as a Wild Beast have hated the Harlot that sits upon many waters.

Yes you America have in your own hidden way, hated all of the religions because they bind you to the laws that were handed down by the God of Abraham. You broke the covenant.

If you had of obeyed his laws then you would not have been able to follow your pursuit of happiness, for this entails breaking the law of Abraham.


Can you see the truth that I speak to you by way of Gods word? Without any false Piety or false Holiness, but by truth do I speak?

America, can you handle the truth, you have broken the Covenant of Abraham, yet you promised at the start of your nation that you would keep the law of Jehovah by way of his Son Lord Jesus.


According to the truth Jesus never speaks an untruth and so he says that a great nation will fall in the final, when you see this then you can be sure of his word.

He speaks to you as nation, the greatest in all of the Earth, that is you America, and you came from the land of Egypt, the cradle of humanity, and now you have gone back because God has brought you back by the nostrils, he has bound and gagged you in order to bring you back and to shame you, to take you down and to glorify him self and to sanctify his Holy name in you America.


He speaks TO you through his Prophets whom he chose to tell you in words and in words and music by way of strings and voice.


Search then and use your soothsayers and spin doctors and all of those learned and wise men who are only wise in their own eyes, they believe they know what scripture states when in fact they know absolutely nothing, only by way of my prophets, whose word, My word, says the Lord is within his mouth.

I the Lord of Abraham, I promised that I would take you down in the desert, I the one who lives for ever, I the one true God the Lord of Abraham.

I said that I would bring Pharaoh back to his homeland and that in that very place I would bring you down that I would state my case.

What do you say O Pharaoh? Either way you loose.

Because your heart is chasing after unjust gain, the treasure beneath the sand, the Gold that belongs to me, Pharaoh, the God of creation, I even built you O Pharaoh.

And Ariel, I too built him for my purpose and mine alone.

I will bring my Kingdom to fruition while you are trying to bring about yours.

The nations will know that it was by my own hand that I brought you down, in you I will glorify my own self, Says the Lord God of Abraham.


When I scattered you throughout all of the Earth, I swore by my own right hand that I would bring you back and I have did just as I said I would, states the Lord.


Through my prophets I have let you know of y our end.

You will not be able to take what the Prophets speak you will not believe him, even if you show an intrest in my words, because you will surly recognise your own good self in the words.


You have made the comparison with your own nation and the nation of long ago, just as I did in the Prophet Ezekiel.

Nimrod, he tried to oppose me with his one world system and you too have your dream, to bring about your one world, but I will break this dream for sure.

You have made your pact with the King of Babylon, the King of Tyre.

The dragon and deceiver of mankind, the snake knows where he will finish, but do you Pharaoh, Leader of Tyrus, do you know where you will finish?

Look back through history and see where you will finish, says the Lord of Abraham.

Only those who believe in my own Son will not perish by way of the Sword, only they will get through.

By no other name will man be saved.


This is the name you have been given by which you will be saved, by me I the Lord of creation.

No other name, only two roads now, one narrow and one wide.  


With regards the Moslems

I ask you who call your selves lovers of God, and you who say that you war for him, why do you desecrate human flesh?


When you have been told that all of life is sacred.

It is all so sacred to the living God of the heavens whom you say that you worship, shame upon you men of violence for using God and pulling his name into your wars, shame on you.

The Lord of Israel calls upon Egypt to leave the land of Egypt, Leave PHAROAH.

Leave the land that holds what you desire in your heart.

The Lord of Israel demands that you leave the Holy land, for it does not belong to you; this is the word of God.


I have observed by reading the Prophets of old that Egypt has indeed been brought back to its homeland.

Pharaoh has been brought back to his home in Egypt. #


To come against the SON OF MAN.

You oh great King of the highest mountain in all of the land is coming against the LORD GOD. When you come into the Holy land to achieve your ends, your goal, to grab what the earth holds, the hidden treasures, the hidden gold.

You have spread your mountain in all of the earth like a tree in the land to were all of the other nations run.

They run to you for comfort.

But there is trouble to those who are relying on Egypt’s likeness for they will fall into the trap.

For you Pharaoh are to be rebuked by the God of Israel, for overstepping the law.

I the lord of Israel .I said that I would take you down in the desert and leave you there upon a mountain, I said that I would bring you back to your home land in that very place I would let you state your case with me.


What do you say Pharaoh? Either way you loose, are you prepared to come against a God such as I the Lord of all eternity?

And because your heart is chasing after unjust gain, the treasure buried beneath the Earth, The Gold that belongs to me, Pharaoh, it belongs to I Jehovah of Israel.

I even built you Pharaoh and Ariel Sharon; I too built him for my Purpose and mine alone.

I will bring my Kingdom to fruition and the nations will know that it was by ny hand that you were rebuked.

When I the Lord scattered you for a while throughout the earth I swore by my own right hand that I would bring you back and that I have done.

Through my prophets of old have I let you know of your end?

You will not be able to fully believe or even take in what the Prophet is saying even if you are interested in what he is saying.

Because you will surly recognise your self within my words of old.

You make the comparisons with your nation and the nation of long ago, the nation that I the Lord of Israel humiliated long ago in the desert.

And Nimrod my opposed tried to build up his one world system, and you too Pharaoh an arrogant King.

You have the same agenda, to bring about your one world government and its leader the King of Babylon, Satan him self at the helm.

You have made a pact with the King of Babylon, the King of Tyre the Dragon and deceiver of all mankind, the snake.

The snake knows when he will finish, but do you Pharaoh?

Do you know of your end?

Look back through History and see what will be your fate.

Only those who believe in The Son, My Son will survive the War, only those who give testimony and follow his teachings, by no other name under heaven shall man be saved.

This is the name by which you have been given, by me, The Father in the Heavens, the Most High God.

No other name, only two roads now, the narrow and the wide.

To have a chance of being saved from the grave People must realize one thing, how they can be saved from the fire that has been ignited.

There are not several different ways by which a man can be rescued, and it's not complex and it is not for the wise, what seems foolish to the wise is actually the truth.


If the truth and the way to be saved from the grave for all eternity were complex then those of low intellect would perish and this is not the way it will be.

God will make those who are of low intellect and make some of them the wisest of all Kings.

This is Gods way, to take those who are wise in their own eyes, and bring them low and to take those who are humble and raise them up.


He will exalt those who are humble.

Intelligence is a God given Gift, but the wise refute this fact at their own peril.

Its best to know that what you know has been given to you just as your eyes nose ears legs arms, etc and all that you can do are all from God, the creator of true wisdom.


Whatever I have I was given, the gifts of writing music and words.

Its all been given to us, we are no gods, so it has all been given to us, the mind the body the food the rain the sun clouds planets all gifts from another source.




and the priests and the Prophets and all of the people whom Nebuchadrezzar satan had carried away into captivity away from Jerusalem to Babylon.
Again in the ninth year, the 10 of the 10 the Lord Jehovah said write down the name of this date for this is the dade in which the King shall go up against the Mother of Harlots

Who is he?
I would have thought that only obvious at this late stage in the game,then again that sounds very arrogant and pompous, I appologise for that, so; who is he?
Well i am not going to Go into any details about who he was back all of those years when Ezekiel was talking about him, but I will say who I believe he is in this day and age, or whom God says that he is.
He is the great King of the North who makes Strong the arms of the North in order to go up against the West, or against the Ships of Tarnish or Kittim.[ Another little item E.Watchman has taken] But Go Ahead, your welcometo it.........
They, Tarnish and Kttim assosiated with the Western parts of the World, just as Mempis and Sin and No is  with the west
they like to sin and they like to say no, they are famous for Memphis and now the west is fearfull of the King from the North.[East]
When the Americans said that their buissness now was North, they broughtthe Scriptures into action, they were the Kings from the South and they were going over to deal with the King from the North.
Who is this ruler over the North?
SATAN ISKING over this ruler who shall come in in order to devastate a City in the Western World.
And really with things like this, I realy do not care if I am made a fool of, for I would rather look a compleate fool than loose this many People, the People say of a major City like New York.
So I take my chances, I have had dreams were this City was hit with nuclear weapon or weaponsand all thatI can do is tell you what I have seen and what I think that I see.
Because of the way that America is dealingwith the Iraqi situation and feeling so relaxed about the multitude of killins they are doin then there is bound to be some major set back on this great Nation or great Tree in the South.
The Mosloms are been made, it would appear very angry, and this anger will be expressed in some form of action that will be of a scriptural nature, the Americans went in and took from scriptures and said things like, "they will think that it is Armigeddon".
Robbing from the word of God.
These are blasphemies aainst the word of God.
You are already expecting something to happen your selves, but I do not think that you are expecting what I believe will happen in the West, but how can I tell you to stop when you are so arrogant and blind to the unfeeling way in which you go into a Nation and take out with and appachie Helicopter ten to fifteen People in such and unfeeling manner and then the Pilot says something as unfeelin, he laughs and says Oh Dude.
Can't you see the devastation tha you are causing?
Is it your desire to bring about the final times?
If it is then you are truly doing an excellent Job.
A Wonderfull job of bringing about the last day's.
Love can overcome all, it does not have to be this way, you can turn back if you decide to and do the "right thing".
But as to wither you will or not is another story.
Stop goin in like a bull in a china shop and causin so much damage, in such an unfeelin manner, just stop will ya?
You said just before you went in that these were a holy people and this was a holy land, and that you must respect their ways, but you have not done so, you have only instigated anger in these parts, all for what wealth?
The anger is bound to come back on such arrogance
Anger that will haunt you for a long  long time.
America's downfall is wrapped up in this War, for sure.
They have got them selves into such a serious situation that they will see changes on a biblical scale and they will not know what has hit them.
Nebucadnezzar is leading you all to the front line of this war and there is no going back.



April 20th

Israels Vine has spread thorughout the EARTH...

"Of course, faith is just a word unless it is
invested with personal meaning; my own faith
is rooted in the unshakeable belief in God as
creator and sustainer, a deeply personal
interpretation of and relationship with Christ,
and an awareness of a constant and holy
spiritual presence in all people, all live, and all
Al Gore -- Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the
Human Spirit, 1992, pp. 368


 Israel’s Vine

 April 01

 Jewish Nation




Christianity Small_ Gospel Hall's

Jehovah's Witnesses.




I see a lot of People that call themselves Christians harming other people called Christians.

I've seen them use the name to repeatedly make the same mistakes, I have seen People use the name of the King of Israel to terrorise other Christians.

Threatening to Bind them in the name, but also not only binding them, but using and abusing the giving nature of the Christians to extract Money from them.

What's going on; no man has the right to get angry if the person who he asks for money does not give him money and no man has a right to do a wrong in the name of Christ over and over again, believing that he can go an kill and kill and kill again, such as those who believe they are killing for the Christ. They have done this time and time again, in the past, were the both sides of a community have both killed in the name of the Lamb of God.

They both believe in their hearts that they are doing God a service, but they will never hear these words, so what can be done?

It seems that nothing can be done at all.

People either choose to listen and ask questions if they are belonging to such a group or are they participating in this kind of belief.    

                                         "They will Think they are doing a service for God"

But what Kind of a service does his fellow an injury in Gods name?

Even on the basis of the smaller Christian groups, they are binding one another and praying against one another, actually using prayer as a weapon, as a sword.

Now, there is no wrong in asking for protection from God, but using prayer and Spiritual warfare to hurt People is close to Spritistic practice, bordering on black magic.

We are supposed to be asking for help or protection not the downfall of another individual, just because you don’t like what they say, or you don’t agree or they don't agree with you.


For this is tantamount to casting spells upon People.

How many wars from the past began in the very same way, Christians doing bad things in the name of Jesus, like putting a bullet in the head of another Soldier; Christian against Christian.

It's been going on since Jesus left the Earth.

The Great falling away came in as far back as Constantine.

Jerusalem split up into many different parts of it self.

Jerusalem split up and built up it's Temples throughout all of the Earth, gaining fame and notoriety and becoming the Christianity of World War One and Two were Christian went up against Christian.

Christianity became a harlot, with Priests making deals with the Kings and the Businessmen of the EARTH.

Christian against another Christian, going against the entire purposes of true Christianity, which is to LOVE.



I see Christians stealing, not all, but some Christians stealing from each other and taking advantage of the Atonement.

I see certain ones in Pain, and what can put them back on the right track, only the ten laws.


To know what God requires of People, all People, is to follow the basic Commands of Scripture.

Instead of doing VooDooisim in Christ’s name.

"Not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter into the Kingdom" in effect, what is been said here is that many people will be doing unlawful things in his name, and he shall say.

Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness.


When a certain man asked Jesus what he should do to obtain life in all of it's fullness, he goes through all the commands of his father in the heavens.


I see manipulation among certain Christians and it has to stop, because these who are doing the manipulating are the ones been hurt by their own manipulation.

No one is supposed to be using the Christian Ethos for their own gratification, I.E, to get money for them selves and their organisations, by using what is written down in the scriptures, because it is wrong.


To prey upon old ladies who are close to going on to their death.

To hang around waiting on that old Woman to pass away and leave her Life savings, because she suddenly believes that this organisation in "the One!

Just as I believed that this Organisation was the one, but it was not the One.

Look! To prey upon People is certainly bad enough, to Prey upon Souls for a few handfuls of Barley, or in this case, Money, but to prey upon the aged who are scared and vulnerable and left wide open to deception by cash grabbing religious organisations.

Look! We are supposed to be taking care of the Widow, the elderly, not preying upon those who are afraid and left wide open.

Money should not even be an issue in getting to the one true God, people don't have to buy their way into the Kingdom of God.

What use is money to God? No use at all, they should be kept well away from the old who are getting greedy to leave the Evil Earth.

They take Money from the Old so that they can continue to worship wood and stone, so that they can build house upon house to God.

Old People should not be obliged to hand over their life savings to those who say, "We are the ones "Yes! We are the ones that represent the true God", and certainly not when they have been found out and proven to be liars in that Gods name.


They must, surly be placed on trial in a court of law, to answer up on questions regarding the destruction of a great many people, using the name of God for their own benefit and not the peoples, keeping up the numbers and the Societies image, painting their walls with whitewash.


The Organisations are not what it's about, the image of an organisation should not take on more importance that the people within in the organisation.


And as for the Christian Kings of the Earth using the name of God for their own benefit, SHAME UPON them for using the name of God Almighty for their own selfish means, for gaining wealth to increase their economies wealth.

Shame on all of these Kings of the Earth doing things that the Christ would never permit, and Shame on all of these Kings destroying Planet Earth without even a blink of the eye, SHAME, SHAME, AND SHAME again.

God has judged you all in Scripture; by his words does he judge you.

Go and look at your selves there in the Word of the Almighty, but you know that you are there, your aim is to enter into the final history books.

You will bring about this War because you believe it's time for the Big ONE, so to speak, instead of trying to stop things from getting any worse.


Woe onto Ariel Sharon for relying on Pharaoh.

Woe onto him for going down to Egypt.

Yes, Ariel has in effect gone down to Egypt's King in the Final Years

To ask him for Protection from the Nations who are set against Him.

Instead of seeing the Son who was sent to him and the children of Israel all those years ago.

You have denied LORD Jesus and gone down to Egypt to rely upon the last Pharaoh, you continue to make your GOD jealous.


Ariel Ariel, were shall you go now?

To your enemy?

Who is also my enemy?


Egypt's Likeness has broken my covenant and Sinned greatly against me.

They are filled with Lust and greed for the treasure of the Son’s of Amman....

 You shall never see your plan fulfilled Pharaoh; says the Lord of Israel, the God of gods.

Your Plan is against me, Oh Pharaoh.


Come Pharaoh into a trap set since the Beginning of time, when I judged the Serpent; says the God of gods, Place your self as a god only to see your doom.

Come into the Holy Land and there I shall show you my indignation; There you will fall like no other Nation............


Bring all your fine young men into the area of the Battle and in that Place the Lord Jesus Christ shall bring you down.

Because your Plan is against him and because you believe in your own strength.

You have no Strength Pharaoh, you are flesh and blood a man who is King only because I the Lord have Placed you as King.


You are not a god Pharaoh, your forefathers were not god's you have no strength only what has been given to you in order to come up against me so that I the Lord God may sanctify my Holy Name.


I will clear My Name of all the slander and desecration that has been put upon it by the People's of the Nations, by Babylon's Priests, Princes and Lords and by Israel, my very own People and those who claim to be Jews by using My Name and by saying that I have said when I have not said, when I have said nothing at all.


They waited to see a vision come true, and had all of their Peoples trust in that vision.


But that Vision is a lying divination made in the Name of Jehovah.


So I sent My Prophet to judge My People Israel and to Judge that famous Harlot who sits in luxury with all of her great wealth in which she prides her self in.


I have used my Prophets to expose all of the Injustice carried out by her Priests and her Princes and Lords.

In one hour her Judgements have come.

Great Babylon, with all of her Princes and Lords and the One who sits falsely upon the throne of Peter.

There is no way to get to me except by the way of the one they Pierced, Therefore Israel go and examine this truth and grieve for the man you have denied, know that he is the truth the way and the life and that through him you can be saved.


Look to the One they Pierced believe on his Name and you will be saved by this belief.

Israel! Come back to me, there shall no more be two Kingdoms, the only way back for those of Israel's Vine is through the belief in the one whom I have sent to you.


Ariel, Ariel Listen to my Prophet's Ariel, what is that I have been saying to you all those years.

Why don't you ever Listen Israel, your vine has spread throughout all of the EARTH and your People more numerous than the sands.

There is no other Name under Heaven by which you will be saved, for I am the one who Lives forever and forever, I War in Righteousness and in Truth.

There shall be no other King, I have sent you My servant David, but you have not believed.


You have given no thought or consideration to your God, who led you through the desert and the Red Sea;

It was I the Lord your God who sheltered you from Harm.


It was I who sheltered you from Pharaoh's Wrath as he and his Army’s chased you across the Red Sea..

I Jah your God, it was I who sent you my Servant, the Good Shepard in order to do away with all of your burdensome laws and sacrifice. So why do you still offend me with the sacrifice that I came to put an end to.

Your Loathsome sacrifice and Sabbaths are not what I want.

Believe yhe in my Son, I gave you my first born, but you rejected Him, you stoned the Prophets that came into the World to Herald him in and then you killed the King of Kings AND Lord of Lords.

Every nee shall bow to my Lord.

I have given to him Complete Kingship and Rule ship and the Nations will bow to my King.

I the Lord Your God, I gave you the nearest thing to my heart; I gave you my very own Son, in whom I am Well Pleased, but your forefather’s rejected him outright.

Even the Gentiles have Opened their hearts to my Son.

It's not as if you were Aliens or Foreigner’s, but you are My very own People" Say's the Lord of Israel.

My Prophet has come to you in order to speak the Words that I put in his mouth.

He will make known my Judgements to the Vine of Israel.

Since I found you


I the Lord Your God.


What a mess!

Isaiah Woe to Ariel, Ariel


Written on the 18th/01/2005.
Jehovas Witnesses are dying.
I started this website when i seen that the People who came to my door in order to give me and my Wife a witness were in trouble, I did not see it there and then, but after a few years of getting a weekly Witness, and keeping a close eye on them, I begasn to feel that their was something wrong with these people., that they were not well, they complained of Sickness all the time, Sickness of the Stomach the head, the heart, tiredness Iratability depression and every illness you care to mention, then I came across the Scripture I.E 'Son of man, because these people have presumed errors on my name, they are wasting away'.
Boom, it hit me like a ton of bricks, these people were after been judged by God for their two famous errors, 1925 and 1975, presumed in Jehovahs name.
They had turned the very books which were before their faces into the idols which they loved they loved to Publish as it said so clearly in the minor prophets.
These People were indeed sick and there was nothing that could be done for them, ecept to warn them and to tell them to come out of      the Jehovahs Witness, just like they were telling people to come out of Babylon.
Now it is my turn to tell each and evcery member to leave this institute or perish under divine judgement of a wasting ilness, and this includes sites like the E Watchman who steal the truth in order to obtain Glory for them selves, for they are part of the Witnesses of Israel, he is right when he says that the Jehovahs Witnesses will be judged, and they have been, but he only knows this due to the fact that I was leaving on his forum for two years my url to this very site, so that he had plenty of time to put what I was saying together about comparing America to Egypt and the Tree in the prophet Ezekiel, also he robbed the titanic analogy which i was using inn one my dirges, were i compare America to the titanic.
He knows that the Witnesses are going to be judged by the fact that he has been coming to my site for long enough now.
But he him self is a Witness and he is also under same judgement, for the fact of the matter is this, that all Witnesses are wasting away, litterally, because of consistant Lies told in Gods name, Jehovah.
So E Watchman is not immune from the judgement which the Witnesses are under.
The are Spiritually dead.
From the now i will speak by the Spirit of God, and not use any of my own words, for they will just continue to rob from me, unless I do.