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                                                  Homelessness by Damien Davis
They Sqeeze you just to watch you squirm' the musical genuis said to me one night and I knew just what he meant.
This lad is on the street, because he canott find no place to lay his head, and why?
Because no one gives a dam, thats all.
He is on the street, because for one reason, he canott stay at Home, because there is nothing but trouble and griefe at Home.
This Kid is also a potential musical genius who is going to waste, and does Ireland give a dam/
Na,Na, Na, Nai am afraid is the answer, the Shepards of OL' Ireland care not for the North siders or the even the South siders for that matter.
I watched this lad playing on this particular night, as I walked into my usual boring three songs on a tuesday night at the Battleoftheaxe, and even though this kid was having the usual problems as I do my self with bad P.A systems, from Pub managers who could not give a care at all for up coming talent, He sang a haunting refrain from one of his own self penned songs, IV'e got no place to stat'. He captivated the audience with the truth, you could see that this lad was on the Homeless list and no were to go, so that he was actually living the song.

He truly had no were to lay his head, and no one was about to put him up for the night either.

I don't expect them to, but there are solutions to these problems, if so many People can send so much  Money to Tsunami, then we can spend Money on our own Homeless Problem, and solve it once and for all.

There is not that many people Homeless that the problem can't be fixed, by building some kind of shelters for the Homless, Proper Shelters with Beds and Food and People who are there on a full time basis with a loving attitude for the people who are down.

It's our fault that these people are the way they are and no one elses.

What does the Irish Goverment do for this Singer Songwriter?

Zero, Nothing at all, and how do I know, 'cause I happen to be one my self, a musician and I know from first hand expieriance.