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What was he to do?

He was given the order by God him self, what was he to do?

Ignore them?

No I’m afraid he could not do this, as the God of truth, when he wants something done he gets it done.

So there was a threat put on the prophet, that if he did not do as he was told that he would die.

That he would simply die.

What was he to do only carry out what his God wanted? 


Israel are my people but so too are the Egyptians, the Jew and the Gentile, They are both belonging to me all living matter belongs to me and all living souls.
The Widow and the Orphan, the Jew and the Gentile are mine.
I the Lord God of Israel Promised my own people that I would bring my people into a greater land than Egypt.
I the Lord shall keep my Promise to Israel in these times.
I shall bring my beloved Israel back home into a pleasent Land.
Israel will be a great Nation because of the Lord and his love for his Son.
The Lord my God is true in every aspect that there is.
He is true to the letter of the law.
His goodness reighns supreame.
Now he shall stand up in his place in order to exalt him slef as the Faterh of creation and of Heaven and Earth.
He will surly separate himself from all of the other gods false idols and images to which the  People contiously bow the knee, even going so low as to kiss the images of the true saints, Babylon is steeped in all of t hese Images of the saints who died for the Christ.
She great Babylon is steeped in the blood of the saints and the Prophets of times past.
Who can save man?
Only the Christ.
Her deeds have been made known by the God who judges her.

Come Pharaoh into a trap set since the Beginning of time, when I judged the Serpent; says the God of gods, Place your self as a god only to see your doom.

Come into the Holy Land and there I shall show you my indignation; There you will fall like no other Nation............


Song from Singer



 The Hurricanes in the U.S.A are not from Cathrine, but the God of Israel, for all elements such as wind fire and rain belong to the one true God.
"I the Lord of Israel, have set the windstorm against you Egypt, for I am at War with you and this is my wrath which has been ignited and rekindeled against you, Oh Pharaoh for the robbery of my storehouse.
You are seeing me speak in my fury and you will know that I am the first and the last, the beggining and the end, setting up and taking down Kings.
I shall unleash all kinds of furious rebukes at you Pharaoh, for been such an arrogant Leader, you have a plan a plan against the Holy land, speak it out and let the people know your plan.
I shall vent mine anger towards you Oh PHARAOH, and you can call them by other names, but it is I who am sending you them, just as I did with Pharaoh of old.
You shall know that I am the Lord of Israel."

After oracles and images assuring his audience of coming disaster, this section ends with its most powerful statement yet (chapter 24). Ezekiel's dearly beloved wife died, and this understandably plunged him into deepest grief. But, by God's instructions, he did not shed a tear or give any sign of mourning. This stoicism stood as a symbol of God's own resolve, as presumably God determined not to be overcome by sentiment and forgo the punishment. Ezekiel did not speak another word, and by implication, Yahweh himself would be silent until Jerusalem had fallen.

A Notice by the Author

My Wife died this day, 17TH

I know she will be raised in the final Judgement, may she rest until then.

Goodnight Judah [Judy]

Jerusalem Shall fall...........

A note to reassure my family.

My God strenghtens me

There is no suicide in me even with the Loss of my Beloved wife Judy, [Judah] whom I married before my own God as I could not enter into any churches and they belong to Babylon.

I will carry on and Wait for the Christ [Jesus] Who I love Dearly.

A Good day to die......

Lonely Lark......

To all of the God Haters

Spaceship Earth...

Below is a Brand New Song
called Spaceship Earth.
This has got to be the Last Song That I will Put out for free.
There are also two other songs But I'm afraid your going to have to buy these, sorry.
Thanks DAMIEN.
Spaceship Earth

News from watchmanofephraim

Ariel Sharon

So that God the Almighty is addressing the Final Ruler of a Great and Mighty Nation in the end times.

America with all of it's Egyptology and One World System fits the bill of resembling and When Jehovah of Israel the Lord God Almighty asked, "Who do you resemble Pharaoh"

The question is left to the Prophet to Answer.

Trouble to all of the Nations who come to rely on this Great Ruler Pharaoh".

Including Gods own Israel; with respect [The Jewish Nation] and their leader Ariel Sharon from the City of David, were Sharon is left like a desert.

Ariels Sharon has gone up to Egypt NOT THE LAND OF EGYPT but America and it's resemblance to Egypt is staggering.


Even Some of Pharaohs Children have come to rely upon My Son, some of Pharaohs children listened and believed, but you Oh Ariel are a stubborn People from the outset, since the time of Moses you have been a stubborn heifer.

You have sinned greatly against your God Israel, from times of long ago, you have offended the God of gods Israel.



Will you come back to me Now Ariel Sharon will you come back to me and acknowledge my Servant the King that I in my abundant mercy sent to you, will you now at this late time receive him into your heart?

Or shall you continue to reject him?

Will you Israel in your stubborn pride refuse to see my Son that I the God of gods sent to you all those years past?


How many times Israel must you thwart the God of Israel in your disbelief?

Should you inherit the land Which I swore to give my Servant Moses, tell me why you should inherit the land When you have blood on your hands, Why should inherit the land which I swore to your forefathers, when you are guilty of so much bloodshed.

Had you listened to the servant that I sent to you then you would not have shed so much blood.

What is the command?

Do not kill.


Israel is stubborn as it has always been stubborn to the core.

Since the days of it's been taking out of Egypt under the strong arm of Pharaoh, it has gone against its own God...........


The Egyptians, the House of Israel, Israel and Judah and Ephraim.




Woe onto to the earth for now they will not stop, they have been brought back to the place were they were born, back to the cradle of civilisation. The Land of the Egyptian, the Pharaoh, the places were he was scattered throughout all of the Earth.

The Egyptians and the House of Israel, Judah and Ephraim, and all of it's descendents from those times were scattered far and wide; carried as leaves on a breeze to distant and far away lands to build or continue building up their proud Empires that crushed the lowly ones and used their children in the sacrifice to the god of fortress.

They never tired of Mopping up the blood from all these bloody battles in the Worship of a strange God, a foreign god, which their forefathers never knew.

I speak now of the Children in these times who are been used to protect democracy and the Money that all goes to protect the god of protection or the god of fortress, the Nuclear arms that pin men to the floor sometimes with the fear with the fear of it's outcome.



'Pharaoh, I will bring you back to your birthplace and in that place I will take you down, upon the mountain's, in the desert' Say's the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

It truly is astounding that so little thought has gone into these words in this very time.


Doesn't anyone see what is happening to the Earth and in particular the Middle East, the Holy Land?


It would appear that the book of the scripture has reopened it self and the God therein have brought his final Pharaoh in on perfect cue.

The Performance has begun, Beginning with Pharaoh [Bush] leading all of the Armies into the Battle, into the surrounding area of the Holy Land.

As a professed Christian, he has to know that what he has done by leading those Armies in, he has fulfilled the Scripture's.

And it is only a matter of time before he fulfils every word of his part..

Woe to Ariel and Woe to the Nations that distress her, [Jerusalem] Israel, these are striking Words, Reopened Scriptures; A book sealed in derision has been reopened.

Is it just my interpretation?

'Woe onto Ariel from the City off David'.

The Scripture will always leave the non believer a way out, so that he can say, 'Ah, sure it is only a new interpretation.

Ariel Sharon is a real man, who just happens to be the leader and president over the land of Israel'.

In this very time were Humanity has got every form of explosion at hand and can bring earth to it's final ruin.

The World is led around by a Dual World Power, with Biblical Symbols that represent their Beastly Powers to crush down and destroy the Singular Man and crowdes of men, in fact Men are no problem to this crushing machine the Eagle and the Lion.

, what a Beast, and it has indeed ascended out of the Sea, but not the literal Sea, but the Sea of men.

It is a Beast, a mountain, it is a horn, its an idol, for anything which is put above the worth of one singleman has no love, nor respect for any man.

'Yet the people of Israel rebelled against me in the desert. They did not follow my decrees but rejected my laws—although the man who obeys them will live by them—and they utterly desecrated my Sabbaths. So I said I would pour out my wrath on them and destroy them in the desert. 14 But for the sake of my name I did what would keep it from being profaned in the eyes of the nations in whose sight I had brought them out. 15 Also with uplifted hand I swore to them in the desert that I would not bring them into the land I had given them—a land flowing with milk and honey, most beautiful of all lands- 16 because they rejected my laws and did not follow my decrees and desecrated my Sabbaths. For their hearts were devoted to their idols. 17 Yet I looked on them with pity and did not destroy them or put an end to them in the desert. 18 I said to their children in the desert, "Do not follow the statutes of your fathers or keep their laws or defile yourselves with their idols. 19 I am the LORD your God; follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws. 20 Keep my Sabbaths holy, that they may be a sign between us. Then you will know that I am the LORD your God."



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The Word of the God of Israel Towards the land of Israel.

And what of Israel?

If the Kings are Judged and religion along with the ones who have profaned The Holy Ones Name, along with the King of Tyre, What of Israel?


Woe onto Ariel from the city of David, who has relied on the leader of America, the greater Egypt.

Woe onto Ariel and the smaller Nations who have relied upon the last of the Pharaoh's who has been leader of the Nations.

When all these Nations relied on this great Tree [Nation]


When it falls all of those who have relied upon its strength were left without a covering, when this great Nations economical wealth has failed.


When the City was lost, their economy laboured and with that all the Nations feel its devastation.


Why Oh Why Ariel have you relied upon the greater Pharaoh and not upon your God, why have you not listened to your God Ariel.

Look how you were taken out from the land of Egypt all those years ago, Look how the Lord your God, with a strong arm led your fore fathers out of Egypt to a fair land and look Ariel how you continue in bondage to Pharaoh; are you free Ariel from your idols, Oh you back sliding Nation?

Remember how your forefathers rebelled against me in the desert?

And still you are slaves to Egypt, even in this late day.

Have you rebelled against your God Ariel?

Over and over again Israel you have gone astray and now!

So many Nations are against you Israel, in the land of Israel.

And you are relying on Pharaoh to protect you Israel. Why do you make the LORD your God Jealous, were you not told I am a jealous God? Why Oh Why do you constantly deny your Father in the heavens?