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There is another one on the way.............
The Hurricane over New Orleans did not come from Nature nor was it's name Cathrine.
The Hurrcane was an act of God.
The Lord of Israel is against the Nations fully.
You have called it a Biblical disaster and that is what it is.
The Lord of Israel is given warning to the leasers of this Nation, country, to move away from the Middles East and it's surrounding  area, I.E Jerusalem, Gaza, Iraq.
The Lord of Israel is saying that they have no buissness been in the district in search for black gold.
There will be similar attrocities upon this Nation, because of one mans arrogance and blasphemy in the Name of this God.
Saying that it is Gods will that he be in the Middles east is a lie and goes against truth and the God of Truth.
America will become like a third world co because of the acts of this president.
You canott enter into the Holy land and it's surrounding cities, drop MOAB upon these cities and not expect to awaken the God of eternity.
Added comment by the aouthor
You Supposedly knew this when you went in, saying that we as american soldiers must treat this historical land with care and respect.
And now the Lord is treating your land with the same respect that you gave to his land..
You gave it no respect only wenbt in and robbed raped and pillaged one of the holy lands surrounding cities, Iraq, this is ot how the Lord would ever have done buissness.
"You have come against my santuaries" says the Lord of Ariel sharon, the non believer, but he shall believe, whne the Lord maked his case.
"Come now Pharaoh and i shall make my case, I the Lord will make it in the arena of meggiddo, were I shall take you down to your shame.
Pharaoh you put your people at great risk with your battle against terrorists.
A War like this canott be won by going in like a bull in a china shop.
All tyhe Nations are against you Pharaoh.
And by my hand you will see your demise, you shall surly become lower than all other nations on earth, when I take ytou down with whirlwinds and tyhe like.the lord has an ability like you wou.
The Sea's are his and the Hurricanes are his and he can do with them as he pleases, he will swamp your towens and you cities, but most of all he shall bring his king of the north in upon you and with his attack engines believ. and for your blasphemous words used from the word of God, saying that they will think that it is armegeddon, you went in and dropped M.O.AB, onto these cities, woe onto M.O.A.B AND WOE ONTO no and SIN,  your byword, for your deboucherous acts against the Lord
You insult the God of Israel when you name Your Hurricanes, these are Gods elements and you will now this in time to come.
The acts which you carried out upon Eatern Cities were Un christian acts and ungodly.
There shall be many such like hurricanes im sure upon the country of the new pharaoh., for ignoring Gods will upon such matters.
The God of Gods, he is not to be mocked nor scoffed, this is the creator that you scoff and ignore.
The Lord of Israel owns the seas, the rivers and the valles, mountains and the land that Israel claims as their inheritance.
It belongs to the Lord God of Israel, he owns the iwnd rain and the fore the cloud formations.
Hew owns the diseases which can spread like fire in a wodded land.
and the Lord can send a famine for nread upon a any land he so chooses.
He can lay the dead upon the shores of any land, true or false?
He can lay the dead upon any shore of any land for the souls of all the living belong to him and him alone.
The rich buissnesmen have allowed children to starve on a daily basis while they thought only of their own bellies and their own sexual appetites.
Why when it was in your own grasp to feed the dying children who were there upon american steps, begging that Nations for assistance.
All you gave them to eat was the dirt of your shoes, particles of rice, dried rice.
Would you eat it your selves?
Their swollen bellies they carried in front of your many eyes, the many eye's around the world, you who ate and watched while they died from hunger, was this Gods fault, I think not.
Shame upon the rich lands who turn their neighbours away from their steps.
Ethiopia was a proud copuntry at onc time and they will say the same about the Kingdom of America one day.
The upper part of the river Nile.
Bush in America is in the upper Nile region of Egypots river.
Memphis is pertaining to the upper part of that Nile.
These things are what happens to a Nation , when they come against the God of Israel.
They are crushed.
 They fall.
The rich land who turns their neighbours away from its steps.
The Hurricanes in the U.S.A are not from Cathrine, but the God of Israel, for all elements such as wind fire and rain belong to the one true God.
"I the Lord of Israel, have set the windstorm against you Egypt, for I am at War with you and this is my wrath which has been ignited and rekindeled against you, Oh Pharaoh for the robbery of my storehouse.
You are seeing me speak in my fury and you will know that I am the first and the last, the beggining and the end, setting up and taking down Kings.
I shall unleash all kinds of furious rebukes at you Pharaoh, for been such an arrogant Leader, you have a plan a plan against the Holy land, speak it out and let the people know your plan.
Who among the Natrions can turn back the fierce anger of the true God.
Who is there among you who take Him down?
I shall vent mine anger towards you Oh PHARAOH, and you can call them by other names, but it is I who am sending you them, just as I did with Pharaoh of old.
You shall know that I am the Lord of Israel."
Woe to the City built upon lies and bloodshed, the God of Israel canott let it go and will see it be rebuked by rapid fire rebukes for it's blasphemy against the Holy one of Israel" with words like, " they shall think that it is armeggido, they shall think that it is the end of the world, and using bombs such as moab.
These attacks upon such a small nation were tottally uncalled for, all becaus a tyrant, that America it self made, wqho even believed in american ways, the guy [saddam] even quoted american films like the God father.
Helicoppters going in and condenming people to death, women and  children.
You have blaspheramed ther Lord of truth, Egypt, using scriptures such as those about moab. [mother of all bombs]
You have threatened a small nation with the words of the lord, promising that it would think that they were  witnessing the end of days and the end of the world.
Arrogant and disturbed nation that you are with your arrogant plans and scheames.You have come against the Lord of Israel with ur vile thrats against a smaller nation, smaller than your own and using the word of the Lord to do so.
You are an arrogant and blasphemous nation and I the Lord God
What gives this Nation any right to think that it can go in and behave as God himself?
Woe onto that Nation and any other that goes into destroy a People for the carved Image and the cruel Idol, for that Nation shall be rent assunder.
18 october 2005
And in the Lord of Israels name, or His Sons Name.
Woe onto the Nation built upon lies and bloodshed.
Keep well away from Jerusalem and keep away from Israel.
Woe to those Nations that ally woth one another against my People; Woe onto them.
May the Lord of Eternity and of Hosts rise up and defend Jerusalem.
Pharaohs heart is against the Holy land, it is against Jerusalem, Aha it says, when her gates have been torn down, now the People shall be mine.
This indeed is Phraohs plan, to come against a people who believe in the temple of Jerusalem.
Believe not in the temple, you people of Israel, but come you Israel to my Son, whom the Lord did send.
Believe not in the wall that you bow to, the walls of Jerusalem, weep not for stone, but  come you all and open up your hearts to the one whom your God has sent.
Israelites! believe not in your own ways, but upon the ways of the true God.
Come to him and he shall fill you up and give you your needs, day to day in the Name of the Lord he shall fill you up.
 Believe yhe not upon wood, gold,stone, but upon My Beloved Son.
Believe yhe not upon the Armies of Pharaoh of Egypt for I the Lord shall smite Phraoh foor his blasphemous ways and his arrogance against me, the er.
I am the Lord over Israel and I shall be the Lord over Egypt and its people, I shall smite and then shall I heal.
Trust not upon Egypt, trouble to those who adopt its dress and military stance, for all who do  are coming against the lord of hosts, the most high God.
All those who trust in Pharaoh for protection and as a shield do so at their own expense.
Trust not in the leader of this Nation for he is bound to bring many into  destruction, believe not in his promises of wealth and prosperity.
[Look to the word of the true God of Abraham look into the word and note the things which are writtern therein with regards the "free World".
Freedom of speech, let us see, I have Noted in the Word that this man fits the desription of the final pharaoh, spoken of very pplainly in the book of truth.
The final Pharaoh engaging in a pushing with the King from the North/East.
Pharaoh! go in and engage with the King of the North, engage with him in a pushing, for your heart is against is towards unjust gain and your City's have all been built upon lies and bloodshed.
Your forefathers were against the Lord of truth and justice and fairplay when they went in and stole from a people who respected the land and who knew its worth, the Navahoe Indian, the Red Indians that lived therein, youbuthcred their people and stole what was not your own and you killed their livestock and you killed the Buffalo that was spread throghout the Land, one by one, you did destroy them all.
You built up your Nation upon another,You built up your nation upon the ruins of another, a nation that you ruined without any thought for these people that you destroyed and did not heal nor bandage, you left them all to rot without dignity.
How can you all the land your own, Oh Egypt, when you took and plundered from these people without one single thought for the people on their land.
Their blood crys out, just like the blood of Able.
You murdered your Indian Brothers, and the Spirit of the one true God did Witness  it all, he witnesses all of your wicked deeds against the Indians.
He, the Indian respected the Land and Earth, better than you have Pharaoh of the Greater Egypt.
You have brocken the poor in Spirit and have not healed the Brocken one.
You have ruined all in your path in order to build up your grand Citys built on lies, you have tried to make a dream come through, your own dream, an Egyptian dream, an American dream.
You have only cared for those that brought you favour, those that brought you profit and gain.
You never gave back to the Orphan, the widow part of these profits, you hoarded it all for your selves and your kind, those who can make you money.
You knew this was not the way of the Lord.
What is the Commandmetn Oh Pharaoh?
Give to the widow and the orphan, feed the poor and the lowley one, but your nation has put nothing in place for these only crumbs which you threw from your table at the people as if they were and are dogs.
Is this the correct way by which to treat your own people, by giving them crumbs from your own table
Is this how you raise  the people out of the pit that you have put them into, it is not a pit of their own making, but yours.
You have left the widow to fend for her self, giving her no real support, you have left the Orphan and orphan, you Systen caters for neither.
The Lord has a case  against Pharaoh from the West, a prime Piece of the Earth.
Pharaoh! I have brought you all the way from the land of Egypt, Near the land of Cannan and I the Lord of Israel spread you far and widein all places north south west east, but you settled in the South.
You are the Leader of the free world who threatens people who reside in the North with M.O.A.B.
You have taken spiritual terms and used them as ifthey were yourown, when in fact they belong to the Lord of Hosts.
My Prophet in Dirge will make nown your judgements when he sings his lamentations with regards you Pharaoh and Babylon and Israel.
To be judged are these.
Pharaoh leader of the Free World, Bush.
Babylon, great Mother of Harlots and the ASbominations of the Eartth.
Israel Ariel Sharon.
Israels witnesses, those who blaspheamed God Name.
*1925 and *1975.
The Vine of Israel, all religions that stem from the Jewish faith.
Jerusalem and her Temple.
teh NATIONS THEY JHAVE come against Israel, even in their onw hearts, they have brought their hatred up intheir own hearts.
They too shall waste awaywere they standforgoing up against my people;says the king of kings and lord of lords.
They are going against their own flesh when they come up against me.
Ithe Lord Of Israel, theLord of creations, I am the I am, the Lord of all.
All men shall bow before me and aknowledge that I am God over Israel and God of Gods.
Israel are my people but so too are the Egyptians, the Jew and the Gentile, They are both belonging to me all living matter belongs to me and all living souls.
The Widow and the Orphan, the Jew and the Gentile are mine.
I the Lord God of Irael Promised my own people that I would bring my people into a greater land than Egypt.
I the Lord shall keep my Promise to Israel in these times.
I shall bring my beloved Israel back home into a pleasent Land.
Israel will be a great Nation because of the Lord and his love for his Son.
The Lord my God is true in every aspect that there is.
He is true to the letter of the law.
His goodness reighns supreame.
Now he shall stand up in his place in order to exalt him self as the Father of creation and of Heaven and Earth.
He will surly separate himself from all of the other gods false idols and images to which the  People contiously bow the knee, even going so low as to kiss the images of the true saints, Babylon is steeped in all of t hese Images of the saints who died for the Christ.
She great Babylon is steeped in the blood of the saints and the Prophets if times past.
Who can save man?
Only the Christ.
Her deeds have been made known by the God who judges her.
For he is strong indeed, he has judged her by her own ways.
Her sins have multiplied andf she has been found wanting.
She has been given Gods standard Judgement.
All you Sons of men know there is only One way back and that way is by the way of my Son, Follow me through my Son and follow the decrees set out.
The God of Israel shall accept no other way back.
Israel shall come to know me trhough my only Son.
This Love is real and tangible, it is there to be felt by every human on Earth.
If they will only call upon the name of my Son
Call upon the Lord God of Israel aqnd you will be saved, who among you Israelites shall call upon my Son Yeshua.
The Lord says of  the Earth, The Sons of men have gone out of their way to destroy my Creation and Sicken it's Occupants.
The Leaders with their excuses of finnancial gain, instead of Spiritual gain, have, from the beggining gone on a crash course of destruction and have ruined the Earth, bringing its delicate balance into it's final undoing.
I seen something on these russians that wer addicted to a cheap alcohol that destoyed them in a matter of months, entire families.
Thats how it is in parts of this country, families been systematically ruined by cheap drink.
The analogy between People and a ruined Earth is fairly relevent here.
A never ending cycle of either drink and drugs Óbuse.
And the never ending cycle of pill abuse such as Valuim and Dalmaine and Mogodon, Rohytmol, and aon and on and on and on...............
I think that maybe just folloing the tru Gods Law may just break some or even all of the addictions.
But you give just enough for people to stay in their debts and not release them from these mind boggling debts, from small communities to larger Nations. Whatever happened to the Jubilee, after every fifty years the debts were forgoten.
This too goes for Ordinary people who get into small debts with their fellow man, they hurt, these debts allways hurt the mind, because we are built in this way. Therefore the Law is as real as gravity.
If you break it you feel it.
Why does the syste, that is the people, not give generously to the people who are down and out, and trying to get back up on their feet again.
The People are geared towards thinking only of them selves and their families, that is great but in reality, w asre all family, the human family
I read in a newspaper today that in 75 years we will see the rice of coastal wates by 90 center metres and this will cause coastal erosion.
This is not good, this is not going to change and i'll tell you why.
Because of the half hearted attempts to cut back on fossli fuels and consuming energy by buying heat timers and telling people to leave the cars behind, even if it were enought to stop globalk warming and to stop the ice caps from melting, which it is not, due to the damage that has already been acomplished, by two hundred years of industrial spew inot our atmospheare.
Mankind have achieved this all by them selves and the idea that the oilskins will not hold the wine anymoreis not even skimmed over, why?
Because people allways avoid the truth or what may be the truth.
TThe Earth is permamently damaged according to all of the reports accumiltaed and put together.
It's only a matter of time before you will begin to see the floods that Nostradamu predicted.
The Reason I quote him, because it is common knowledge among those who are into the dark arts and who are in opposition to the true God, this does not mean that I am judgeing Nostrudamus.
It is nto my buisness to judge andy singular man, not at al and is up to the perfect Judge who site upon the throne.
If I judge at all, then it is the systems of religion and buissness and law  and the plumbline by which I judge by is the law of God..
I am not judge and nor would I want to be, but I do feel compelled to point out what certain systems have allowed; Ie Catholic religion and it's Priests who have caused such heartache among children that turn into dysfunctional adults, those who have been molested by the Cathoilic religion.
If my writings are not in the right order and unorgised don't get iritated, maybe you will get something out of them..
The Lord said to Abraham, I shall make you a great Nation.
He shall keep his promise in the New Jerusalem, for it is true that God canott break his promises, nor swear an oath falsley.
He sis the truth magnified, he is the truth  the way and the lfe, this i have belived always, sometimes I may have thought that i did not believe and stayed quite, but my belife is real and now it is strong my faith and my hope is good.
I walk along the Seashore most days and I hav this little seat which i SIT ON and just wordhip God.
This is my temple and my Church, I need no more that this, this to me is stonger that Jerusalem on Earth.
It does not need rocks or anything more that faith and believe, for these are my rock.
I believe.I the Lord of Israel did make the Earth to spit the Sons of men from of it's surface, for their downright rebellion agaist me, and the Earth iis doing just that, it is doing the things which I have told it to do, the things which I tod Moses and Israel I would do.

The land all of its produce and more enough food for all people every where, but the Nations did not share their produce, was this just?
Was this fair?
Is this how the Sons of men do buissness with Nations smaller tand more vulnerable that they.

if the Lord was to carry on Justice in this way then no man would survive.

When will you share with your brothers without having to be told?
When will you feed those who canott feed themselves.

The Lord hates a bribe, the Lord hatees injustice of every sort.
The Lord has instilled all of these qualities into his prophet. so that it maddens him to see al of the injustice that goes o n around the earth, what the Lord hates, he too hates, injustice and the bribe blackmailer and the extortioner the lord hates a user and a manipulater of others so as to cause them pain and hurt.
I seen somethin on these russians who were addicted to this cheap alcohol that destroyed them in a matter of months, entire families.
That's how it is in this country or partrs of it anyhow.
A neverending cycle of either drink or drug abuse.
Valuim and on an on and on and on........
I think that maybe just maybe following Gods law  [This does in no way take away from the King who justifies the believer in him]
But the Law is a help an assistance to people who have lost their way.
This goes for ordinary people who fall in and out of debtand canott release themselves from them.
Friday, September 23rd 2005 @ 2:31 PM
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