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There is no freedom of speech on this planet you can't say what you like, all of the ones who that said anything worth while are all dead now.

The Likes of J.F.K he came out with some great things but then again they were still only human.

He was only a man who had no control over the things which he said and Martin Luther King, who spoke otf the Kingdom "I have seen the Mountain" 'The Kingdom'

he was another one that had absolutely no control over the future.

There is terror in the land, but who's hand is it in anyhow and whose land?

The World is filled with Cowards, People who ignore the rules of combat, indeed the Moral code seems to be gone.

Any Gang that happens to get in a situation were they pick on just one man, so as to hurt him, shows the mark of a coward, and has nothing what so ever to do with bravery.


Most of us here on Earth know this and yet it still goes on and it goes on with the bigger nations beating up the smaller Nations, from a Distance.


A huge Giant of a Nation that goes into smaller Nations in order to drop all kinds of deadly missiles so as to destroy and injure and maim the Innocent civilians, by using the latest weaponry, so that they who send them in do not have to get blood on their hands or upon their garments these are very guilty.


An Organization who will drag a man into an alleyway, like these big Nations do, to beat him up and to kill him, they have got to be cowards.


How would it be if this great Nation was on the receiving end of someone acts of cowardice?


AMERICA!! !or as i will call it, EGYPT, the last, just look at it's dollar bill and you will see it's very own claim to be like this Older Nation.

It has gone into every other Nation under God and used tactics such as those I have mentioned, they have gone in  and used a much bigger stick; more rockets, Missiles, Planes, they go in like a great big Bully to beat up the smaller Nations, using all of their Muscle Power.


But let me tell you this that it's strong arm will be Broken, both of it's arms will be broken and not bandaged or healed, for when America falters, then so too will the rest of the World.

Because it has resembled Egypt of old then it will be judged like that Nation and its leader will be likened to Pharaoh with a stubborn heart.


There was a Tree that was planted near the River Nile [A Nation Planted by the Nile] and its root system grew throughout the entire Earth.

This tree was so very tall, and it's thicket of lush green vegetation did give shade to all of the smaller trees which were all around this mighty big tree, and it gave shade to the creatures including all of the people on Earth, it soon grew up the upper part of the river Nile, which is this time and these days, back then it was the lower part of the Nile and now Egypt is at the upper part and it is called AMERICA, but it is still Egypt.


Every other tree that was in the garden with this great tree, the nation of Egypt, they surly envied this great tree, and in these times and back then they wanted to be just like this great tree in status and power and greatness, so that the other smaller Nations adopted all of this Nations traits of greed and lust for more and more and more,.

But the huge and powerful Nation became arrogant and proud and so mighty in the eye's of GOD, that God said, the time has come to lop the great tree which came out of the garden of God and lay by the river Nile, it is time to lop this great tree down to the ground and to make all that reside within it's shade come out .


And so the great nation went to war with the mighty one called Jehovah, and God brought it in to the desert and there he did bring it down for all of it's arrogance and pride and slandering against God, for it did have a mouth speaking great things.

It had the heart of a man but it began to speak as a dragon and to cause many to die by its power, and its lust for greed and for more power and its desire for the gold beneath the earth.

The oil, this is what Pharaoh wants, the desirable things of the Earth, this is what Pharaoh and all of his Hordes are going in for, and make no mistake, they are convinced that they need this oil really badly.