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BIOGRAPHY This is a short biography about Damien Davis............... Damien was born in Dublin in 1966,lived in various parts of Dublin. He began his musical career as early as 1985, busking in and around London underground tube stations he came back to Dublin in 1986 and began to write the odd song now and again, he  also began busking around Dublin and doing gigs, playing with noted people such as Mathew Devoureux and Shane Wearen from the Pale, Ronan O Snodaigh[Kila] and Mic Christopher[The Mary Janes] Glen Hansard[Frames] Greg Pearl[ Conspiracy],even teaching his good friend Paddy Casey a few chords on guitar, all these people war no strangers to his household in the centre of the city. He quit the music just as all of these bands where just getting their first start.... to settle down with his Girl Judy.........during this time they had two children Leah and Anne and this was the reason the music took second place. In 1996, Damien began writing again except this time songs by the dozen, he has penned songs, [A good day to die] a doomsday scenario about a frightening war were soldiers drop down like flies. [Tango one] about the rogue gangster Martin Cahill... all of which had their first official debut on local radio with none other than ex-Pale mandolin player Shane Wearen on [North East access radio] Damien is currently doing three gigs every week, in the International, the Halfpenny Bridge, and the International Bar as well as starting work on a new album. He has not been Officially signed yet, but with the quality of music that he is currently writing, there is bound to be a demand for it. He may be on the sidelines at the moment but watch this space...?

The reason Damien has designed the site is not only down to his strong feelings about the failure of the organised religion to which he was born to, but simply down to a compulsion to speak his mind and what's on his mind is here on the web site. 

It is not designed to hurt or upset anyone, quite the opposite; it is designed to assist the people who have been hurt by all religion.

He believes that there is only one route now to achieving Peace on a global scale and that is to disarm and unite under a banner of true spirituality, and unless this is achieved within a few years then all will be lost and will slip into a chaotic situation and we will full fill our own destiny, if that's what it is.

Hence the sign of Jonah, if the people turn back now from the doom scenario then all may not be lost............... 

2005/01/03 20:18

KEEP THE PACE at Road Records


I still love her


A good day to die


Controls to your heart


The night before


Shillingtons Party




Mr.Perry the judge and DR. Resnick


Keep the pace


The laughing Ocean


Tango one




The world and it's lie's


What am I to Do


This train ain't movin'

Album  "Keep the pace" Available at http://www.roadrecs.com/
16B Fade Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Album  "Keep the pace" Available at http://www.roadrecs.com/

16B Fade Street, Dublin 2, Ireland


keep the pace:engineer, Jean Claude Bayet

Produced by Damien Davis and Jean Claude Bayet

Guitar bass and vocals, Damien Davis

violin derek Roe

drums: Andrew Barron+Padar Grange+paul

Piano Keyboard:Deco Grange

Sequencing; Stephen Davis

all songs by Damien Davis

Tango one by Damien Davis, Robert Connolly, Stephen Davis, Turloch O'Reagan:


Glodenbridge:engineered by wascana Jimmie Quinn. [On the peoplesound Just type in Wascana

Guitar,vocals,bass, Damien Davis

Bass, Piano, Jimmie Quinn.

Produced by Damien Davis and Jimmie Quinn.


Goldnebridge and Lonley Lark Single/Spacehip Earth will be available in Road Records soon as Possible.

Goldenbridge is a semi Accoustic Album with 11 songs, some are built up with Band Format most are accoustic.


The Single Spacehip Earth was recorded last Month and Engineered by Pat Donne.

Hope to release this very Soon, these Songs are from the Forthcoming Album, if all goes well, Lonley Lark.

Below is tango one

Below is tango one