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There is no way that violent men will take what remains of the Earth.

Only Those who remain righteous in God, Shall inherit the Earth.

This Earth?


"The meek will Inherit the Earth"

'Do not Kill'

'Do  not Steal'

'Do not take another mans wife.......

These are the Commands and they are certainly the most important words or at least some of the most important words you will ever read.

If you read and adheare to these words, then they will bring the reader Life.

How much more can I say about the things which I have written, the World stage is set again to a biblical setting, to biblical.......no,to Gods standards.

Egypt, America,Pharaoh, President, Tyre, City of pride..

The Leader of Tyre is the President of America.

The House of Israel....


The Leaderof Tyre, President Bush [George.W.]

The House of Israel [Jehovahs Witnesses] [1925 and 1975] Errors.

And Israel denied the name of he whom their own God sent into the World.

Babylon Great Babylon, you have heard these words for years, in the Media, Songs e.t.c.

Babylon means Catholic and Judaisim, because they both stem from the same vine. The Jewish beliefe.


Now, President Bush as Pharaoh has gathered his Armies [Allies]

ino the Areana or area of the 'Holy Land' 'to fight' 'Terrorisim' [His Words and so, what will hapen will happen.


True Christians cry out for the truth, they are tired.

Eversince the late 70s things have changed dramatically, it's as if the Spirit is no longer were it should,be.

I am not saying that it is not here, no way, but it is as if it is thinning out


There was indeed a certain kind of spirit back then, its as if the days were calmer bluer and brighter and generally more cheerfull, the kids a little less tense and more together.

I think only those who were around could understand and know what I mean.


Then Boom, 77 and 78, it camer crashing down and into the depressing 80s asnd the drug culture. moved on in, big time, starting with cough bottles and pills and then, onto bigger things.


Gone were the sunny days traded in for a new tommorrow with the backdrop that was the music of the 80s.

For me, it did not appeal.


I became the best bedroom there was and joining in witht eh drug culture, after a childhood of saying, No No never will I ever take part in that culture.No way was I going to take part in the same thing as I had witnesses fo the best part or what could have been the best part of my life..

I should have stayed away, but unfotunatley, I did not stay away.


With the Lonliness and the Loss of my dad in the year 1979 october the 18th.

I loved him greatly even with his faults, of drinking and drugs, but it was so hard at times to do so.



To be left with my mum, who could make me feel os bad  for even going out side the house was enough to break me down and cause me to become a valuim addict..


I guess parents, some, I mean can ruin their childrens lives intetionally or not.


Children should not be alowed to stay with and alcoholic or alcoholic parents, because it destroys them, it fills them with fear, anxiety sadness isolation left with their own thoughts which are ussually negative.

A fear of people which is irrattional, Lonliness which turns also into a nurosis copulsive obsessive thinking, a defense system which us all the time on high alert. this causes tension and the cycle goes on and on this leads to drink and drugs as a form of escape or other vicees.

The cure?Maybe to get the kids away from the perents who are abusive, until they are helped and learn to change.



Son of man, these men have have set up idols upon their hearts, every man has put the stumbling block of iniquity before their faces, should I be inquired of by them at all?



The Spirit of God is saying that these people have put the very bible upoon their hearts a sa stumbling bock which causes them all to sin.



ex Witnesses who sleep with their daughters in a sexual way, this has been their sin.

They dissect the bible so much that they cover over the law that Jesus thought his disciples.

the truth us that the psalms are for comfort the prophets for the prophets and the new tetament for the people.

the Bible the little scroll of a book has caused all to stumble and fall in their own arrogance.

They have turned the book before there very own face, the bible into an idol.

They canott keep the basic law any more, because they have overstepped the law. they love to publish unnessasary words.

They are so frustrated with their laws that they are fully worn toa thread.

They are drained by their intilectual explanations on everything possible.


All of this is written about in the Prophet Ezekiel and is for today.

God was fortelling the future, as only he can do.

"Seek yhe not Betheal for it shall come to nothing ".

The Witnesses have a branch in New York Brooklyn called Bethel..  So that the Lord of Israel is saying do not bother with the place , for it shall amount to nothing zero.

Instead seek yhe the Christ.