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Financial Cost of WW1

$196.5 billion (adjusted for 1990 dollar values)

Source: www.cwc.lsu.edu

Financial Cost of WW2

$2,091.3 billion (adjusted for 1990 dollar values)

Source: www.cwc.lsu.edu

Financial Cost of WW3


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Jerusalem's fall


The Law according to the God Of Israel if followed shall bring a man Peace, but if he breaks the Law, God's Law, that is then he will begin to die the Death, and to waste away in his transgression.

So the Witnesses of Jehovah, while they may be reading and studying like mad, it is not enough is the one studying is a Man who has Problems following the Law in these chapters.

The Jews must Simply believe in the Christ, and attain to his law.


All the Mockers and scoffers will be silenced before the Awesomeness of He who is the Lord of creation.

Every Knee shall melt and become as water when the Lord is Seen.

How arrogant and foolish of men to think that they can outwit God.

The Creator of the Mind of man;

To he that can silence Kings; May all of t he worship be to him.

Glorify his Name.

Bow before your King Oh Israel and stop maddening the watchman of Ephraim; There is animosity in the House of His God.

Strike up a Dirge Oh Son of Man and shame Israel for it's Lies and denial of my own Son.

They have no belief, they are void of Love except for the Love of Mammon, they are rejecters of all that is Holy and Righteous.`

They are rejecting all that is Good and adopting all that is bad, for the sake of my Holy name I will raise up and smite the Nations for their disobedience to me.

I am the Lord of eternity and all of the Earth will know when Jerusalem is under siege and the Armies are encamped round about.

Come against Jerusalem you Nations one and all, come against her before you fall and you will fall, for I the Lord of the Earth will surly make you fall.

I am God.

I am Holy and my Kingdom will be Holy.

if I the Lord am repeating things then it is because the House of Israel is hardened and stiff-necked and without Belief.

Without belief in the One whom I sent to them. When will they the House of Israel believe in my words and not their own words?

The Earth is receiving it's Final Warning.

Who Shall Listen from among yhe?

Who will take notice of this warning?

Repent and Learn how to repent, and do not look down upon this as something to distain, for repentance is the Cleanser of the Soul.

Learn How to repent and be Cleansed of your iniquities.

How shall I repent?

Come to me and repent, fall down and Speak to me through my Son, in him there is Peace, for those who believe, for those who do not believe will not find Peace......

Rise up Son of man and Judge those who have come against me the Lord of Israel, Israel’s forefathers rejected me and now in this generation they have rejected me.


I gave you the saviour Israel.

Don you continue to wait?

I gave you the Prophets, the I the Lord sent to you my very own love, My Son, I gave you.

Believe in him Israel.

Believe in him, then I shall accept your Supplications and your Prayers, then I will listen to you Israel.

Then your supplications shall not fall upon deaf ears.

Listen to your God Oh Israel; Know that he speaks Israel, and be sure that he will use anyone he so chooses, in order to deliver his message.

Israel! Listen to your God; Hear his words; Believe in his promise, believe he has fulfilled his Promise in sending a saviour.

Israel! Listen to your God, for he speaks in the hope that you will hear.

I gave you my Son, Oh Israel, my very own Spirit, I gave you what was closest to my heart, but then you rejected him, please do not continue to reject this open plea to your hearts.

To believe in and upon his name, the name if my one and only begotten Son, believe in him Israel.

Accept my Son and I shall accept you Israel, will you accept Yeshua?


Will you open your heart and let him in.

open your hearts and let the love and the peace of my Son be in you.

Let it be in each and everyone of you Israel.

Ariel, Ariel, now will you believe, now will you accept my beloved Son in whom I am well Pleased?

He was crucified so that you Israel could be free from the constraints that burden you and weigh you down, listen to my Son Oh Israel and know that he was my spokesman and representative and my likeness here on Earth.

Believe in the Christ Ariel, believe yhe in the name of my Son and see his glory, and let my Spirit be in you and all of Israel shall overflow with my Spirit.

I will let my Spirit flow in abundance upon Israel, if you will only believe.

My Grace I will give in torrents; If you Israel will accept my Son.

The One that your forefathers Pierced.

Will you believe in my Son Ariel and accept his truths.

He and I are One, you cannot love me and not love him, you simply canott get to me accept you go through him.

Ariel and all of Israel; Now is the acceptable time, now is the acceptable hour.

Just believe, just look to the One your forefathers rejected..

The Watchman Of Ephraim is maddened on account of your disbelief and the very stubbornness of its continuance.

You have continued for much too long now.

Now accept him as other have done, as the Nations have done.

You Israel are the Vine that spread throughout the Earth.

I made you so that others would believe.

The Vine includes all those that openly confess My Son and believe in him to be the one, and i the Lord of Israel sent him.

Israel! Simply Look to the one they pierced; Jesus the Christ.

Believe in him and leave your stubborn ways behind you, Believe in the Lord Christ Jesus.

And with regards to all of those Nations, do likewise, you too are expected and required to come onto my Son.

You are required and expected to come onto my Son; in order to receive him.

Believe yhe People among the Nations.


Come to me Yhe Children of Egypt, come onto me you dwellers of tarnish.

You dwellers of the coastlands, you dwellers of the ships of Kittim those ships of the west;

Is this your fair City?

Cross over to Tarnish Egypt [America] You crossed over and up the Nile River taking with you your fair Sons and Daughters, bringing them up in your new city.

Yhe the Egyptians did cross over to years from the time U Brought down Pharaoh low from his high Place.

The Red Sea in Which they all Died and my Name was made known in all of the following Generations.

And I Shall Bring Pharaoh down again; Lower than all other Nations and he shall not raise up again.

He shall fall; to become lower than all other countries round about.

Those who came up from the land of Egypt, to be scattered all over the Earth have come back together again as a Nation.

Christ will be glorified in this Nation.


I shall glorify my Son in you; I shall shatter you Nation and bring you down were you stand.

The People will know that it is I the lord, when I break Pharaoh for coming up against me.

I shall carry out my act against Pharaoh, that I promised long ago.

I the Lord will bring Pharaoh into Judgement and in my Holy place; there will I judge him.

In the land of Megiddo.....

He has Glorified him self and his Nation; building him self up so as to come against me.

I shall break the strength of Egypt, Sin, Is it's strength and No it's Byword. Mercy, it has none.

But I will Show the Egyptians my own Mercy, they will come to me for Mercy, and I will give them Mercy.

Son of Man, Let Egypt Know its Sin and tell them of their deeds against me, How they have not Shepard the People and yet they have used my Name for their own benefit and their own reasons they have not shown Mercy to the Lowly One.

Egypt the tallest Tree in all of the Earth who shelters all of the smaller trees in the Garden of the Lord............................



Tell Israel that they should believe in the Son of Man, whom I gave to them out of my own Mercy.

Speak to those Leaders and say to them that what they are causing is destruction on the Earth, One and all, they are Shepard’s of Stupidity and outrage, they have destroyed the Earth with their tools of War, and there outright will to overthrow me, they have taken up arms against me, the One true God, But they delude themselves to believe that they will do this, they are deluded.

For I cannot be taken down, for I am God the Almighty who is a God OF love and Peace, but they have made me a God of War, and they will see how I War.


When I take the Nations down fully and without reserve, I will show you the damage that I can cause to the Earth and all of it’s inhabitants, when I draw my Sword............................................




The Lord says, that you are either with me or against me, you are either with the evil one  or you are with the righteous one, there is no middle ground.

To all the generation of mockers who believe that they are deceiving the believers in the Christ, know that the Spirit knows well who are the ones who mock and scorn and break down the believers in the Christ.

Know that you cannot hide for the maker of the mind knows all, how can you possible hide or deceive him.

To do so is to be deceived your selves.

[Israel is specifically asked to think and to ponder on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to go over the chapters in Isaiah, which foretold his coming.]

Egypt shall mourn Egypt's children shall mourn at the Loss of it's proud City, there shall none enter into it no more.

I the Lord will do in this City destruction, as never before; for it's arrogance and it's pride has reached as far as the heavens.

The Kingdom of the South has Pushed its Horn out as far as I shall allow.

Egypt, Egypt repent and turn back do not sacrifice anymore of your children to this War.

One by One they will fall and you Pharaoh are responsible for those who are lost to the engines of WAR.

the God of Israel will not turn back from his plan.

I will defend; I will rise up and defend Israel from tumultuous Nations which Have hemmed in Jerusalem.

The Nations have set them selves up in array against Jerusalem.

Flee, Flee from Jerusalem; for there is trouble ahead for my beloved Jerusalem.

Son of Man RAISE UP a lamentation for Jerusalem, for the Nations have hatred in their hearts for her.

They have set themselves against her

I the lord will accept the Egyptian children into my House along with the children of Israel on the strength that they believe in Yeshua Christie.

I the Lord will accept the Gentile and the Jew if they Submit their allegiance to the Son of Man..........

There is only One-Way back Israel; Come to me through My Son.

Believe on him and follow the commands of life.

Be Declared fully righteous in the believe  of my own Son Yeshua and by obediance to my law

Love your fellowman as yourself, use the law as a line by which to clarify in your own minds and hearts, Righteousness

To those who doubt there own righteousness Look at my commands which I gave to my Prophet Ezekiel.

Israel shall be declared righteous by no other means other than the belief in my Son and Obedience to the Law which is summed up in Love the Lord Your God with all your heart mine and soul spirit and Love your fellowman as your self.

Yeshua will be King over Israel, this is my own declaration, he will rule over Kings and Kingdom's.

Go to Yeshua Israel Go to Jesus and believe that I have sent you your King, and believe he is the One who was Promised long long ago.

He will rule the Nations with an Iron Sceptre.

Look back over the prophets Israel and see with your heart, not with your eyes, Israel believe what you cannot see, the watchmanofephraim believes without seeing, why not you?

Believe the God of Israel, believe without seeing.

Do not believe what you can see and believe what you cannot see.

Love cannot be seen, it is invisible but it is there it is real, Love my own Son Ariel.

There can be no other way by which to be healed Except by Jesus Christ.

Let it be known that Yeshua is not to be mocked.

The Nations have mocked and scoffed at the Son of MAN..........

Let this be on their own heads, they have mocked and scoffed the Son of Man, Yeshua, the Innocent One, and the Sinless One.


They mock what is right and praise what is wrong.

How can Humanity ever survive when its behaviour is so erratic, how can humankind go on, when it loves and craves constantly what is bad?

How can Humanity ever survive when it adopts the ways of evil as it's own.

If it hates the Innocent then it truly is a monster Beast, which cares not for anything only it's own belly.

If it hates the Poor, then it hates it self, for that is what you were and are, Poor, Poor in pocket and Poor in Spirit, the latter been most essential....

If you hate what is weak, then you hate your selves; Because you are weak and vulnerable and open to a hundred million types of plague, you are all small ,like insects underfoot.

Hate nothing except what is bad.

When the Nations hate Yeshua, then they hate all things that pertain to goodness, the Lily, the sky and it's ozone, the hills the ravines, the rivers, the Sea's and all things essential to life and living.

And he hates Love.

He Mocks and scoffs it saying it is useless and good for nothing.

But Love is the Sustainers of Life, Christ is Love, know this and you will know all, hate this and you will know death.


Israel does not know Love in full because it does not have the Christ, for he is Love.

When Israel adopts this Love then it shall Live, the Lord says to Israel,’ Look to the one they Pierced, then shall a man be saved by this belief.

By this belief shall man be separated, the believer and those who don't believe..

A time foretold in the Prophets, a time I warned you of long ago' says the Lord of Israel.

Know that Jerusalem’s end is close, I shall send that One into desecrate the walls around Jerusalem.

When he shall return, he shall make known his presence.

Israel's blood will be upon it's own head; says t he Lord'

Let Israel repent of it's violence and disbelief, in the Son of the Most High God.

Israel will listen to the truth when all about the City hem them in.

The Armies will encamp around the City of David and Jerusalem will be under siege.

Lift up your prayers to me Israel; in bitter lamentation lift them up.

Lift them up and come onto me through my Son, Yeshua/Jesus, the Christ.

Repent in ashes and sackcloth, Israel and Ariel Sharon.

Lift them up and come onto me, through my Son, believe on thename of Yeshua.

Let each one of you Israelites come out from jerusalem, she canott be cleansed and she shall not be cleansed.

Come out from her all you Israelites, one by one, go into captivity, for into captivity will be each ones end unless they believe in the Christ.

The Prophets Wife has died, she is an alegory Of Jerusalem, the Prophet has kept his Griefe to him self, Because I The Lord asked him to.

Just as he has done  so also will you Israelites. When your beloved City is teken down, you shall not mourn or grieve as mourners, you shall put your shoes on your feet and you shall mourn QUIETLY as you waste away in your eroor the error of worshipping the idols upon the mountain's, your wailing wall, your laws, your Thorah, all of the idols you hold so dearly to your hearts, your temple, the temple of Jerusalem, 'I shall desecrate this' says the Lord of Israel.

This shall be your captivity, fore the violence you insisted on using  saying that Abraham was one but that you are many and that the land is your inheritance.

The Land belongs to the Lord.

And he shall give it to whom he pleases, and he will give it to the believers in the Christ, the Son of Man.

And as regards that Tyre, for saying that he shall inherit the land of Israel and to it's advantage it will be, I the Lord shall take away from him the City of his Pride.


I the Lord shall give the Land to those that carry out my Wor.

The Word being that all who obey the law and that follow my Son, and on this basis shall they be judged.

On no other basis shall any man be judged, ever.

For all eternity shall the Lord's law stand.

Israel! the land does notbelong to you, only to the believers in my Son, become this and you shall become partajers in the gift.

Become believers in the Man Christ Jesus and submit your ways to his ways.

Israel will be saved by beliefe in the CHRIST.

The man Christ Jesus whom your Lord Israel, Your Lord Ariel Sharon, sent into the world so that men could be saved trough him.

The Israelites are as dead men, without beliefein the Master Jesus, the Christ, believe in him and you will be saved.

The Lord of Abraham, whom the Israelites did send, kept his promise in sending your the savour Christ Jesus.

Take in the knowledge of Christ Jesus you Israelites, belive in his word and on his name.

Submit your selves to the law that he mentioned in mark 10 and use this as your Plumline.


The laws of ezekiel 33 and 18. and Mark 10.

In regards to rich men and gaining entry into the Kingdom of God.

With God all things are Possible, if he obeys the law set out in the Prophets and follows the Christ in his heart.

This is Gods way of saving, everything is possible with God.

Believe and be saved.

The only requirement from the true God, who is God over Israel is that all men jew and gentile believe in the Son of Man.

This has been the requirement all along of the God of Abraham.

Those shall be called saints and righteouss men you canott call yourselves a saint without this requirement.


There are no added requiremets to this.

One does not have to weep to a wall or become kingdom publisers of overseers or pioneers administrators, nor even ente into a temple to be in the body of Christ for the spirit of the living God does not reside in hand made temples, only within the believer in the Christ.

The Jews or the house of Israel need to accept this fact the Christ is the first and the last.

They have mocked the Son of the most High. they mock and scoff Love, they mock and scoff gentelness, kindness, love of truth, patience, endurance, they mock and scoff all that is good.


With regards the law, the law in it self canott save anyone, but the believe in the Christ is enough.

The Law is not enough to save a man.

It serves only as a plumbline, a bricklayer needs one of these to know if what he laying is straight.

But the Plumbline does not put down the bricks.

The Chiefe cornerstone is were it all begins.

The Chiefe cornerstone as you know is the Christ.

Question; Lord of Israel what is it that you require from Israel; [Jewish People]?

Son of man, only that they come to accept the Lord asn Savour My Son Christ Jesus.


And what is it Father in Heaven do you require from the vine of Israel?

Son of Man, Only that they accept my One and Only Son Christ Jesus;

Is this all Eternal Father?


Son of Man, this is the only requirement to believe in the Christ who is the King of Israel.

Is thgis the Requirement for everyone, Jew and Gentile alike?

By beliefe, the Gentile is grafted in to Israel, this is the promis.


How many Roads or options does mankind have?

Only two, only two roads.

What are they?

The Christ, or the King of Tyre.

Who is this, the King of Tyre?

The Slanderer and the Deciever, Lord of hate, the Lwless One and Advesary of the Christ.

they have two roads, the Narrow and the Wide, the Righteous and the unrighteouss, positive and negative..

So! there are not many roads or religions?


Crist or the King of Tyre.

Again, How many roads  do men have in these days, 10,20,30,?

How many options do they have? 10,20,30,40,50?

How many Roads do tyhe house of Israel have  and also the gentiles? or 70 to 100.

2. Only 2 roads; no more no less, these are the days of the Prophet Ezekiel, these are the days of judgeing everyman on an individual basis, everyman for him self.

No man can save another man/woman/child.

No matter how they desire to save the Alcoholic, Drug dependant, continuous dviant, who does not repent of their deeds.

It's everyman for himself, no matter what they try and tell you to the opposite, it's a lie.


God has taken hold of the reighns and is judging evey man, each according to his own ways, each according to the truth.

A murderer is judged and held accountable by God as a Murderer and is judged by the Great Judge.

There is o nly One way back, repent, this has become a word of derision and old fasioned word, out of date, but let me tell you it is as new as the day that it was first uttered.


Repentance is something that you do in order to relieve the concience and thus carry on living.

The concience is relieved and the person can carry on with their lives.

To repent is to say sorry to the most high God, you canott repent as if to no one, otherwise, no forgiveness will come.

An Example;

'Father in Heaven, I repent of my deed [ ]

I throw my self upon yopur mercy and pray that you can gorgive me.

You are asking the Most High God for forgiveness of whatever deed you have commited, ie any of the commands in ezekiel 18 and 33 and mark 10.

If you are a thiefe, then you repent of this

This is the true meaning of repentance, there is simply no sin that canott be forgiven and be blotted out by God, Believe this.

The World is in a sick and sorry state People, one in every thirty for example suffers from a compulsive disorder, C.D.S/

People handwash obsessivley, or look at bits of rubbish for ages before they throw it out into the garbage, driving them and their husbands/wives to distraction.

Ot you have someone who fears they will stab someone to death, for no reason other thatn having a compulsive disorder.

What is going on People?

Their entire lives are taken over by this to the extent that they make television shows about it.

There is something wrong here for sure there is something not right, People are not living they are dying and siffering before they die, they are commiting suicide for these reasons, becauset ehy can' take these disorders no more.


All around them; Their families suffer these are truly the days of the Prophet Ezekiel.


Son of man, they will eat their food in fear and anxiety as they look one to the other and waste away in their error.


What does this mean?


"I the Lord of Israel will select a people, between Jew and Gentile and all those who believe in the Christ, those who are not with mem are against me.

Those who are against me are those that have not believed the message of the Lord.


Those who do not recieve my Son, do not recieve me, the Father.

How can they recieve me if they  do not recieve my One and begotten Son?

So says the spirit of the Lord of Israel.

Israelites everywhere are expected to recieve the Son of Man into their lives.

There are no exceptions to this, either you believe  or  do not believe that I the Lord of Israel did indeed send you my own Son as a sacrifice for your failings, your debts, and your Sin.


Stop searchng Israel for the savourgh stop looking in hidden corners and desolate places for the Master.

He is knocking at the door, only recieve him into your hearts.


You will not find him in the innrer chambers nor the deserts nor here nor there.

Only in the heart shall you percieve my Son. says the Lord of Israel.


Israel! search for him with the heart and not with the eyes with your heart you shall percieve my servant David. search him out, before his coming [for his entry will be sudden] but as surly as Israel exists and as truly as Jerusalem is in it's placewith all of it's surrounding towns, as surly as all of these facts, he will arrive.

Who now, shall seek him out, who, with the eyes of their hearts, for with the naked eye, at this tyime they shall not percieve but only with the heart, on his coming back every eye shall see and percieve..

Believe now at this very instant and see it as the truth.

For just as there are hills and ravines, Gullys, streams, Mountains, sky, Sea, Air, Fire and wind.......... and all that these contain,as truly as all of these exist;The son of man shall come back for his own, and  they are those that believe so says the Lord of Israel.

Who among those in Israel, who among the remmanent will believe?

And who among the remainder of the gentiles will believe.

Nations! look to the man they pierced, Look to the Christ look not to the prophets for salvation nor ur muses nor your idols of wood and stone, but look to him who was pierced, to the Son of the Most High God, the Living God.

Nations! Lament over him and weep over him, for each and everyone of you slew him, in your hearts and as your inheritance from the line of Adam.

Strike up a dirge against all of the scoffers and the mockers of Love and truth and Justice, for they shall eat of their own words.

Lovers of hatred and if evil will waste away were they stand, hungered for the lack of bread, the bread of the Living God,His truth and his righteousness and his Son.

There is truly a famine in all of the land. a famine of truth and justice, a famine of the true and the living Lord OF Israel.

Who will believe, who will believe?

Remember that no man can save another man woman or child.

All that sin will be judged for their own sin.

If they lay down with their fathers, mothers, children,they die.

How can they live if they sin against the Lord of Israel?

Those who lay down with their own children will be judged by God.

Those who lay down with their own sisters brothers mothers fathers shall be judged.

The God of Israel does not ask for much, only believe and follow the basic commands, set out in the Prophet Ezekiel.

And in these law's there is found Peace and Peace can be maintained by adhearind to these commands of life.

People will be judged by these laws and each individual by his own way;

God is a fair judge and just, he judges fairly between  man and man.

Do not Kill Do not steal, Do not defile your neighbourghs wife.

Obey these laws and things will go right , this was the promise from God to his People, and this includes the Gentiles.

The true God the one True God is true and ever faithfull.

Slow to anger and abbundant in Mercy and loving Kindness.


There is not other God except the one true God and he put's him self against all other gods, manmade or otherwise.

God in Christ Jesus, Look to he that was pierced.

Jew and Gentile Look to Christ, for he alone can save

It's true that everyone works for the Christ in one way or another, it is all work towards the Kingdom of God.

But there is only one way vby which to be chosen and I have stated what way this is , have I not?


If the Christ does not exist in the Catholic Church or even God, the why do you insist in remaining there, why do you remain seated with the dead.

Go among the Living.

And if the same is true for Prodestantisim, Judaisim E.T.C then why do you insist in on worshiping the Most High God in an unacceptable way.


And why do the Jewish People contiue to worship the temple of Jerusalem instead of their own God, by listening to their God?


How can God accept their prayers and sacrifice?

How can they expect God to accept them when they refuse to accept the savourgh, Christ Jesus.


These are the days when Jerusalem will be destroyed.

Jewish Brethern will have their eye's opened fully.

Their God shall acceot no other sacrifice other than the one by which he is known.

Christ Jesus is that sacrifice, and none other is acceptable.

He is the Sin offering and the guilt offering for Human offences.

The People of Israel should know this, but God is even patient and abbundant in mercy and loving Kindnesses.

He has put up with their backsliding for centuries.

Again I say it, believe is an asstounding thing, when for two thousand years they have refused to believe in the God they profess to love but the Lord shall put an end to their backsliding ways, they are like a heifer backsliding down a hill.

Israel , Israel, Israel, Oh Israel I have Loved you since the outset" says the Lord;

"But you have not Loved, not have you listned to me"

"I havew risen up early in the morning, many mornings in order to speak with you Israel, I have used Prophets so many and I have wearied myself in order to get you to come back to me.

I sent you my Son and you rejected him.

"Son of man, Judge the blood guilty City, cause her to know ofhber defilement and let her know of her judgemetn tell her people they waste away under judgement, for coming against the Lord Of Israel.

Her Priests have contiuously broke the commands and caused the people to wander to and fro like sheep, they are lost.

Jerusalem has caused many to be slain among the streets, she did not feed the people she gave them not a word by which the people could draw strenght.They cause the wicked to go free and the rogheous ones to be slain.

Come out from Jerusalem for she has sinned against the God OF gods.

She became a harlot, she became the mother to harlots, flee from mother and daughter, for they are both alike.

Filthy on the inside and clean on the out.

But the Lord sees her iniquities even though she says that he canott see, for the Lord sees all.

How shall we flee, for we are trapped by Jerusalem?

Put your luggage upon your shoulders and go into captivity, like the Propet, but get out from Jerusalem's vine to be saved.

Believe in the Christ, and to be lost, believe not.

Either way; Jerusalem's people will feel the pain of going against thir Lord.

But, to esacape, Just believe.

All you in Jerusalem, run and do not look back over your shoulder, look to the man they pierced, believe in Christ.

The Lords wrath has arrived and it is upon Jerusalem, for her sins are as high as the heavens.The Word of the Lord is this, flee Jerusalem and leave nothing behind, take nothing.

These will be the days spoken of by the prophet Daniel, these are the days spoken of from long ago.

Israel is being hemmed in by the Lord God of Israel, Israel will be broken,.

He has put up with their backsliding for centuries, again I say it, beliefe in the God they profess to love, but the Lord shall put an end to their backsliding ways, they are truly like a heifer backsliding down a hill.

Israel Israel, Israel, Oh Israel, I have Loved you since the outtset, says the Lord.

But you have not loved, nor have you listened to me.

I have risen up early in the morning, many mornings in order to speak to the house of Israel.

I have used Prophet's so many and i weried my self in order to get you to come back to me.

I sent you My Son and you rejected him.

Son of man, Judge the bloodguilty city, cause her to know of her defilement and let her know of herjudgemetn, tell her People they will waste away under the Judgemetn for coming against the Lord.


Her Priests have continuously broke the commands and caused my People to wander to and fro like lost sheep they are lost.


Jerusalem has caused many to be slain among the streets.

she did not  feed the People she  gave them not a word by which the people could draw strenght..........................

They cause the wicked to go free and the righteouss to be slain.

Come out from Jerusalem for she has sinned against the God of gods.

She became a harlot she became the mother to the harlots even Babylon the Great.

Flee from the Mother and Daughter, they both are alike.

Filth on theinside  and clean on the out.

But the Lord see's her iniquities, even though she says that he canott;

For he see's all.

How shall we flee, for we are trapped in Jerusalem, Babylon.

Put upon your shoulder your luggage and go into captivity, like the Prophet.

But get out of Jerusalem for to be saved.

Believe in the Christ and to be lost, believe not.

Either way, Jerusalem's People will feel the pain of going against the Lord.

To escape, believe.

All you in Jerusalem;Run and do not look back over your shoulder, Look to the man they pierced, Believe in the Christ.

The Lords wrath has arrived and it is upon those who are in Jerusalem.For her sins are as a great heith in the heavens.

The Word of the Lord is this, "Flee Jerusalem and leave everything behind, take nothing.

These are the days spoken of in Daniel the Prophet.

Jerusalem shall be under great siege.

Look to the prophet Daniel, these are the dfays spoken of from long long time ago.

Israel is being hemmed in by the Lord God of Israel, Israel will be broken.


All the People that believe in the Lord have become despondant, they have been trodden underfoot by the Beast.

They cry out, Oh Lord, when when will you free us enierly from this captivity?

It's worse now than it was back then, they cry out from within as the Spiritual forces infiltrate from within. 


When Oh Lord of Israel?

When shall you set the Captives free?

We who have been in Spiritual bondage now for far too long.

All night and day, they attack your  holy ones, those that cleave to your Son, Yeshua.

They contiuously mock and we have become a great source of amusement to those that have no beliefe.

False Christs have arisen and they have decieved many.

Many have fallen down slain for the lack of knowledge..

The Earth Oh Lord, and all its ugliness has become too much on those  who await your Sons arrival.

They send us agents in dreams by which to give us terror.

Stop them Lord, by your hand, Let them not mock those who have put faith in the name of Christ.

How much longer shall we be made to look foolish?

and how long shall our brother be set upon and thrown into boxes for the Nations amusement

remember  Sodom, remember the flood Oh Lord and bring to mind those great mirracles you did in Egypt and do them again Oh Lord, so as to free those who have  heard your word a nd have carried it through.

Despondency has grown and confussion it is rife in the streets of babylon.

Your People are wearied Oh God from the attacks of thine enemy;

Put him underfoot.

Stand upon the Serpent Oh Lord of Israel for he c ontinues to set your Holy ones up.

He sends spys among the camp and to report back to him wha they see, so as to gain over their weaknesses.

There is no strenght by which  we can survive except by the strenght of mine God, Oh Lord Of Israel.

You Oh Lord are the guiding light to the brethern.

It is you Oh Lord whom we come to when we are accused both night and day.

It's you Oh Lord whom we trust, you shall break their power to pieces.

You are my Rod and My Stf and my Comfort and my joy.

My Beliefe is in you Oh King of Kings and Lord of Lords Oh Lord of space and ternity and time.

For there isno time except were you say there is.

God of Israel! Break down their whyly ways, they have trapped my Oh Lord of Israel, they have trapped me in their schemaes and I can find no way out.

Who can I turn to in this sorrowful World in which the man resides and has cvaused me pain.


They have caught me in their traps as if I were an anaimal in a snare.Oh how Subtle the man is, Oh Lord, decieved me through and through.

How can I free my soul now that they have laid their smooth plans.

Oh Lord of Israel, Only through your servant can I be saved from their subtle ways, only by the King of Kings for I know that there  is no hope in me, for I canott save my own soul.

Come and rescue me Oh Lord that I worship.


These are the days when Jerusalem will be destroyed, Jewish brotherhood will have their eyes opened fully






For if it were not true then he as he said would have said so.The Eyes of the World should all be concerned with what is going on in Jerusalem and Israel, because I believe in my heart  that this is the place were it will all take place, The Battle of Battles.

Then the Lord will appear as it says in the book.

I am sure that some people will say, sure so what why don't you just get on with your life.

the truth is that I canott get on with my Life until I make all People everywere aware that what is happening in Israel, with the Wall being built is s siggnificant event and I am a bit of a shouter anyhow.

TThisI believe is the one last chance that the People will get before the Door of the ARK closes, and when it does, what can I say, I will let you finish the sentence......

Look to the Man they Pierced, seems like the most easiest thing in the world to do, yet there are millions who can't, they just canott say that Jesus is Lord.

Say it after me, Jesus is Lord.

It makes them feel icky inside, why?

Because the truth is sealed in derision, the bible is sealed in derision.

All you get is derisive laughter when ever you carry the book or look into the book, it is amazing but true.

tThere is only one way in which to break the seal, prayer and that in it self you canott do, because there is something stopping you all.

Look to the one they Pierced.

It brings about shame, but you gotto fight the shame and the icky feelings.

The truth is thsat every bit of us is truly against the God of Gods, even the saved.

Any one who prays will tell you how hard that it is to pray, even thoses who have been doing it for years, this is the battle, Satan wants to break you down so as you will not do it, and he has done a mighty job, I tip my hat.

Son of man, Judge the bloodguilty City, cause her to know of her defilement and let her know of her Judgement, tell the people they will waste away under the judgement that is upon her.

Her Priests have contiuously broke the commands and caused my people to wander to and fro like lost sheep.

Jerusalem has caused many to be slain among her streets, she did not feed the people, she gave them  not a word by which the people could draw strenght.......











After oracles and images assuring his audience of coming disaster, this section ends with its most powerful statement yet (chapter 24). Ezekiel's dearly beloved wife died, and this understandably plunged him into deepest grief. But, by God's instructions, he did not shed a tear or give any sign of mourning. This stoicism stood as a symbol of God's own resolve, as presumably God determined not to be overcome by sentiment and forgo the punishment. Ezekiel did not speak another word, and by implication, Yahweh himself would be silent until Jerusalem had fallen.

My Wife died this day, 17TH

I know she will be raised in the final Judgement, may she rest until then.

Goodnight Judah [Judy]

Jerusalem Shall fall.........

A note to reassure my family.

My God strenghtens me

There is no suicide in me even with the Loss of my Beloved wife Judy, [Judah] whom I married before my own God as I could not enter into any churches and they belong to Babylon.

I will carry on and Wait for the Christ [Jesus] Who I love Dearly.



 For Israel.


Lead Us away from this calamity which is about to fall upon and destroy every man woman and child in Jerusalem."Look to the one they pierced, Jesus, Look to him Israel, my joy andmy pleasure, look to the son and the christ .look to the prophets and there you will see him spoken of, many times.

There you shall see again the promise that I the Lord God of Israel, your God Israel made with your forefathers generations.

How I did speak plainly to them in promising them an inheritence.

I gave tthe promise to Abraham, Issac, Jacob.

and I did promis my holy servant David.

and in Christ my SOn, I kept m,y word.


Look to the prophet Daniel and see Jerusalem's ruin, that I the lord promised I would bring in your days, in these days.


Look to the Prophets Ariel and all of Israel and see Jersaelms demise and her compleate end.


Your house was abandoned to you by The Lord of Lord and King of Kings.


He has a new Jerusalem in mind and not the Jerusalem that you bow and worship.


His Jerusalem is not the Jerusalem which you continue to look to but a jerusalem of the future which will be given to the righteouss, and not the Goddless.


The Lord says to Israel, come back to me and obey and obey the route available, come via my Son, Jesus the Christ, for he will justify you Israel, you and your children.


The Lord says to all of Israel, there is trouble on the way Jerusalem is indeed in trouble.


Jerusalem, Jerusalem, flee Jerusalem and take heed to the warning of Isaiah.

Listen to what the Spirit says to the Listener and the reader .

Jerusalem is hated and seen as a great burden among the heathen she is a torn in all of their sides and they would sooner see her end for all of the trouble she has been to the rest of the Earth.


Jerusalem Jerualem slayer of the Prophets your time has come which was spoken of from long long ago.

How your deeds have  amassed together into one big clump.

Uncleansable are the sins of Jerusalem except for the Christ who can washaway those sins, on an individual basis?



Come all you Jews and all you Gentiles that long to be cleansed, come and be washed in the Blood of the Lamb of God, who has taken  on the full burden of all mens sins and their faults and their iniquities shall be laid upon  and have been laid upon the spotless lamb of the true God, Bow your head all you Kings of the Earth you slave bond and free.

Bow your head to the lamb who was slain upon calvary , by Roman soldiers who were of the Gentiles and Israelites, who were of the house of israel.


No blame can be put upon any one group of men for all were there  and played a part in the slaying of the lamb of God.

All were there.

Who ki8lled the Lord Jesus Christ?

Was it the Jews or the Gentiles.


It was both the jew and the Gentile, Let this be known.

All men have sinned and fall way short of thte glory of God, who is Christ, for he is the glory of God.


Let no man blame one another, when he himself is to blame, let no group blame another group when they also are to blame, for we have all sinned and fall short.


No man can can say that he has not sinned, not the most pious or Holy among men.


The Body of the Christ are those who cling to him ir is neither a tempple or a church, neither is it Jerusalems Temple for Christ gave her up while here on the earth.

Jerusalem is forsaken by the lamb of God, he shall build a new jerusalem.


Not here then were?

New heaven and New Earth,

Old one , gone................

Were? Ruined.

Israel if your House be abandoned to you, by the one true God, then why do you persist in clinging to Jerusalem, why do you cling to the house which was abandoned to you Isrsael?



Instead in these times of great trouble Israel, and before the devastation cling to the Christ, Israel.

This is the word of the Lord of truth.

Would you choose Jerusalem above the Son of man?

Above the Son of the God that you Israel profess to Love.

Why would you do such a thing?

Is the Temple supperior to God?

No! Jerusalems Temple means Nothing to your Father in Heaven, for the Christ means everything, something you Israelin your entierety fail to recognise, when will you recognise this simple fact.

Israel Israel heavy of heart poor in Spirit, come to know the truth, come to know the King whom your God sent you two thousand years before.

Come to know the Lord of truth justice and mercy.

Look again to the one whom they pierced.

How many more times must Israel be told what it has aready been told many times before?





"Of course, faith is just a word unless it is
invested with personal meaning; my own faith
is rooted in the unshakeable belief in God as
creator and sustainer, a deeply personal
interpretation of and relationship with Christ,
and an awareness of a constant and holy  and
spiritual presence in all people, all live, and all
Al Gore -- Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the
Human Spirit, 1992, pp. 368


 Israels Vine

 April 01

 Jewish Nation




Christianity [Small Gospel Hall's]

Jehovah's Witnesses.




I see a lot of People that call themselves Christians harming other people called Christians.

I've seen them use the name to repeatedly make the same mistakes, I have seen People use the name of the King of Israel to terrorise other Christians.

Threatening to Bind them in the name, but also not only binding them, but using and abusing the giving nature of the Christians to extract Money from them.

What's going on; no man has the right to get angry if the person who he asks for money does not give him money and no man has a right to do a wrong in the name of Christ over and over again, believing that he can go an kill and kill and kill again, such as those who believe they are killing for the Christ. They have done this time and time again, in the past, were the both sides of a community have both killed in the name of the Lamb of God.

They both believe in their hearts that they are doing God a service, but they will never hear these words, so what can be done?

It seems that nothing can be done at all.

People either choose to listen and ask questions if they are belonging to such a group or are they participating in this kind of belief.    

                                         "They will Think they are doing a service for God"

But what Kind of a service does his fellow an injury in Gods name?

Even on the basis of the smaller Christian groups, they are binding one another and praying against one another, actually using prayer as a weapon, as a sword.

Now, there is no wrong in asking for protection from God, but using prayer and Spiritual warfare to hurt People is close to Spritistic practice, bordering on black magic.

We are supposed to be asking for help or protection not the downfall of another individual, just because you don’t like what they say, or you don’t agree or they don't agree with you.


For this is tantamount to casting spells upon People.

How many wars from the past began in the very same way, Christians doing bad things in the name of Jesus, like putting a bullet in the head of another Soldier; Christian against Christian.

It's been going on since Jesus left the Earth.

The Great falling away came in as far back as Constantine.

Jerusalem split up into many different parts of it self.

Jerusalem split up and built up it's Temples throughout all of the Earth, gaining fame and notoriety and becoming the Christianity of World War One and Two were Christian went up against Christian.

Christianity became a harlot, with Priests making deals with the Kings and the Businessmen of the EARTH.

Christian against another Christian, going against the entire purposes of true Christianity, which is to LOVE.



I see Christians stealing, not all, but some Christians stealing from each other and taking advantage of the Atonement.

I see ceratin ones in Pain, and what can put them back on the right track, only the ten laws.


To know what God requires of People, all People, is to follow the basic Commands of Scripture.

Instead of doing VooDooisim in Christs name.

"Not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter into the Kingdom" in effect, what is been said here is that many people will be doing unlawfull things in his name, and he shall say .

get away from me, you workers of lawlessness.


When Jesus was asked by a certain man what he should do to obtain life in all of it's fullness, he goes throuhg all the commands of his father in the heavens.


I see manipulation among certain Christians and it has to stop, because these who are doing the manipulatin are the ones been hurt by their own manipulation.

No one is supposed to  be using the Christian Ethos for their own gratification, I.E, to get money for them selves and their orginisations, by using what is written down in the scriptures, because it is wrong.


To prey upon old ladies who are close to going on to their death.

To hang around waiting on that old Woman to pass away and leave her Lifes savings, because she suddenly believes that this orginisation in "the One!

Just as I believed that this Orginisation was the one, but it was not the One.

Look! To prey upon People is certainly bad enough, to Prey upon Souls for a few handfulls of Barley, or in this case, Money, but to prey upon the aged who are scared and vulnerable and left wide open to deception by cash grabbing religious orginisations.

Look! Weare supposed to be taking care of the Widow, the elderly, not preying uypon those who are afraid and left wide open.

Money should not even be an issue in getting to the one true God, people don't have to buy their way inot the Kingdom of God.

What use is money to God? No use at all, they should be kept well away from the old who are gettin gready to leave the Evil Earth.

They take Monney from the Old so tha they can continue to worship wood ans stone, so that they can build house upon house to God.

Old People should not be obliged to hand over their life savings to those who say "We are the onesW "Yes! We are the ones that represent the true God", and cetainly not when they have been found out and proven to be liars in that Gods name.


They must, surly be placed on trial in a court of law, to answer up on questions regareding the destruction of a great many people, using the name of God for their own benifit and not the peoples , keeping up the mumbers and the Societys image, painting their walls with whitewash.


The Orginisations are not what it's about, the image of an orginisation should not take on more importance that the people within in the orginisation.


And as for the Christian Kings of the Earth using the nam of God for their own benifit, SHAME UPON them for using the name of God Amighty for their own selfish means, for gaining wealth to increase their econemys wealth.

Shame on all of these Kings of the Earth doingn things that the Christ would never permit, and Shame on all of these Kings destroying Planet Earth without even a blink of the eye, SHAME, SHAME, AND SHAME again.

God has judged you all in Scripture, by his words does he judge you.

Go and look at your selves there in the Word of the Almighty, but you know that you are there, your aim is to enter into the final history books.

You will bring about this War because you belive it's time for the Big ONE, so to speak, instead of trying to stop things from getting any worse.


Woe onto Ariel Sharon for relying on Pharaoh.

Woe onto him for going down to Egypt.

Yes, Ariel has in effect gone down to Egypt's King in the Final Years

To ask him for Protection from the Nations who are set against Him.

Instead of seeing the Son who was sent to him and the children of Israel all those years ago.

You have denied LORD Jesus and gone down to Egypt to rely upon the last Pharaoh, you coninue to make your GOD jealous.


Ariel Ariel, were shall you go now?

To your enemy?

Who is also my enemy?


Egypt's Likeness has broken my covanent and Sinned greatly against me.

They are filled with Lust and greed for the treasure of the Son'd of Amman....

 You shall never see your plan fulfilled Pharaoh; says the Lord of Israel, the God of gods.

Your Plan is against me, Oh Pharaoh.


Come Pharaoh into a trap set since the Beggining of time, when the Serpent was Judged by me, the God of gods, Place your self as a god only to see your doom.

Come into the Holy Land and there I shall show you my indignation; There you will fall like no other Nation............


Bring all your fine young men inot the area of the Battle and in that Place the Lord Jesus Christ shall bring you down.

Because your Plan is against him and because you believe in your own strenght.

You have no Strenght Pharaoh, you  are flesh and blood a man who is King only because I the Lord have Placed you as King.


You are not a god Pharaoh, your forefathers were not god's you have no strenght only what has been given to youin order to come up against me so that I the Lord God may sanctify my Holy Name.


I will clear My Name of all the slanderand desacration that has been put upon it by the People's of the Nations, by Babylon's Priests, Princes and Lords and byIsrael, my very own People and those who claim to be Jews by using My Name and by saying that  I have said when I have not said, when I have said nothing at all.


They waited to see a vision come true, and had all of their Peoples trust in that vision.


But that Vision is a lying divination made in the Name of Jehovah.


So I sent My Prophet to judge My People Israel and to Judge that famous Harlot who sits in luxuary with all of her great wealth in which she prides her self in.


I have used my Prophets to expose all of the Injustice carried out by her Priests and her Princes and Lords.

In one hour her Judgements have come.

Great Babylon, with all of her Princes and Lords and the One who sits falsley upon the throne of Peter.

There is no way to get to me except by the way of the one they Pierced, Therefore Israel go and examinethis truth and grieve for the man you have denied, know that he is the truth the way and the life and that through him you can be saved.


Look to the One they Pierced believe on his Name and you will be saved by this beliefe.

Israel! Come back to me, there shall no more be two Kingdoms, the only way back for those of Israel's Vine is through the belief in the one whom I have sent to you.


Ariel, Ariel Listen to my Prophet's Ariel, what is that I have